60 References to Provide a Window Box this Winter

The window box is one of the ways that you can do to dress up your window. It is functional to make your window looks pretty from the outside. However, you can still enjoy the window box from the inside of your home although that won’t be as pretty as when you see it from the outside. Well, it can be said that the window box is intended to give an impression to the exterior part of your home. Then, the question is, is it still possible to grow some plants during winter in your window box?

Basically, it is great if you can grow some plants in your window box, but, if it is impossible, then you can simply do some arrangements by using some durable materials. In this case, you can use the fake ones, the dried plants, or the real evergreen that can stay long before being withered. Then, you may add some winter ornaments like Christmas balls, candy canes, ribbons, etc. Anyway, talking about the window box, it won’t be only about the plants or something that comes from the natural arrangement. You can also have the ornaments as the main thing to be added there. For example, you can have snowmen arrangements there, reindeer arrangements, snowflakes, and more.

Evergreen and Pinecone Windows Box from Familyhandyman

Redberries and Evergreen from Familyhandyman

Christmas Ball and Evergreen from Familyhandyman

Snowy Christmas Tree from Familyhandyman

Leaves and Pine Cone from Familyhandyman

Mini Fir Tree and Redberries from Familyhandyman

Snowy Pinecone and Evergreen from Familyhandyman

Evergreen with Christmas Ball Ornament from Blessmyweeds

Green and Red Themed from Blessmyweeds

Snowy Evergreen Window Box from Blessmyweeds

Christmas Gift Display from Blessmyweeds

Jingle Bell and Evergreen from Blessmyweeds

Dried Plant and Evergreen from Blessmyweeds

Christmas Ball Arrangement from Blessmyweeds

Snowman Figure from Blessmyweeds

Rustic Window Box from Blessmyweeds

Evergreen with Holiday Sign from Blessmyweeds

Red Brach and Evergreen from Blessmyweeds

Mix Berries and Evergreen Window Box from Blessmyweeds

Lighted Evergreen from Deborahsilver

Red Flower and Christmas Ball from Thelilypadcottage

Dried Evergreen and Berries from Thespruce

Berries and Leaves from Betterdecoratingbible

Dread Flower and Evergreen from Redcottagechronicles

Lighted and Snowy Window Box from Christmas.lovetoknow

Snowy Pinecone and Evergreen from Christmas.lovetoknow

Lighted Christmas Ball and Evergreen from Hgtv

Redberries and Evergreen from Theimpatientgardener

Christmas Ball Display from Christmas.365greetings

Lighted Winter Window Box Decor from Christmas.365greetings

Red Berries Window Box from Thepioneerwoman

DIY Festive Window Boxes from Thepioneerwoman

Mini Tree and Pinecone from Jennakateathome

Red and Green Winter Window Box from Justagirlblog

Snowy Evergreen and Branch from Danslelakehouse

Winter Window Box with Snowflake Accent from Homeiswheretheboatis

Fruit and Evergreen Window Box from Homebnc

Red Christmas Ball and Evergreen from Blessmyweeds

Red Branch and Evergreen from Thelilypadcottage

Evergreen Window Box from Homedit

Brid House and Evergreen from 100things2do

Pine Cone and Faux Evergreen from Finegardening

Pine Cone and Evergreen from Thediyplaybook

Fresh Evergreen from Thediyplaybook

Red Christmas Ball and Evergreen from Thediyplaybook

Three Spruce from Hgtv

Dried Flower and Evergreen from Jardinierparesseux

Leaves and Evergreen from Trendey

Evergreen with Red Christmas Ball from Trendey

Snowy Fir Leaves from Trendey

Mix Evergreen and Branch from Trendey

Glowing Window Box Decor from Callingithome

Snowy Winter Window Box from Homecrux

Fresh Evergreen with Snowflake from Homecrux

Greenery Window Box from Loveproperty

Evergreen with Christmas Ball from Savvygardening

Full Greenery Window Box from Organicplantcarellc

Redberries Window Box from Prettypinktulips

Evergreen and Leaves with Pinecone Accent from Prettypinktulips

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