Ways to Create a Balance Textured Fabric Layering

The fabric material is really unique. It won’t only be about the colors and patterns but also about the texture. It is great how the fabric can have textures that bring certain decoration impressions and ambiance to the room. There are some different textures that exist in fabric material. It can be in the form of embroidery, woven patterns, fur, fiber, etc. With the varied textures available, the textured fabric is used for many home products. Let’s say that it can be used for furniture such as sofa upholstery. Then, you can have it for the curtain, throw blanket/pillow, rug, etc.

Anyway, in doing the textured fabric layering, there are still other aspects that you should consider. It can’t be avoided that in a fabric, besides the texture there will be colors and patterns. Doing the texture layering means that you should also deal with those two fabric aspects. In this case, you should be careful while doing the layering because you should be able to create balance. If not, you will make the decoration to be seen as overserving or you will lose the decoration impression that you want to provide before. Here we have some decoration references that use the textured fabric layering as part of the project.

Living Room

In this living room, the textured fabric is applied on the sofa, throw blanket, cushions, and rug. It is true that the texture is varied and available in many parts. But, look at how the decoration isn’t seen as too much at all. Everything is in balance and perfect without any overserving side. There is no pattern applied to the fabric. It is just the colors where all are in warm colors so that the room atmosphere is really good.

Living Room Decor from @one.interior.mag

Dining Room

Nature is the theme that this room decoration tries to carry. There are some plants and natural-based furniture materials. Then, look at the textured fabric applied there. The table runner, cushion, wall hanging, and rug. All are in such good harmony. The texture is created from the woven technique that is applied to create the textured fabric. The colors are neutral and soft which blend well with the decoration parts around the room.

Dining Room Decor from @one.interior.mag


A velvet material is loved with its soft texture to create a peaceful feeling when touching it. Also, it has a dimension from the shiny finish effect that the velvet material has. You can see the headboard of the bed that comes in velvet material. Then, there is a woven layering blanket in the same grey color. The rug is also grey although in a different tone that has a different texture. You should also see the throw pillow added there in a different velvet shiny color that will give a statement to the room.

Bedroom Decor from @aimeetarulli_stylist


There won’t be too many fabric materials applied to the kitchen because it is not the place to rest or chill which will need some fabric products. However, there are still some possible items such as the curtain, ornament, and rug. This kitchen uses the fabric material for the curtain with the texture that is provided by the pattern and embroidery. How beautiful the curtain is! This one is an example of how an item can be seen as wonderful even without any color. As long as anything is in a balance, then it will be possible.

Kitchen Decor from @nuproperty

Bathroom Decor

For the bathroom, you can apply the fabric material to the curtain. It can be both the window curtain and the bathtub curtain. Or, if you want to have the throw pillow or cushion as the additional decoration then it will be surely possible as long as you have the proper space for that. This bathroom is made of woven and some tassels were also added there to create such a great design and texture. You can layer it with a transparent waterproof curtain if you don’t want it to be wet.

Bathroom Decor from @savannahwild2


The balcony is a chilling space just like a living room so that added some textured fabric there to create comfort will be great. This balcony uses some textured fabrics that are applied on the chair pad, cushion, throw, rug, and ottoman. The colors and patterns that are applied there are all in a good portion so that the decoration isn’t seen as too much at all.

Balcony Decor from @decoist


Although not the main room in the house, the entryway is a spot that will always be passed. It may also become a spot where you stop for a moment to store your shoes, hat, coat, or putting your umbrella. So, providing some textured fabric there to create comfort and dimension will be worth it. You can see that this entryway has a textured throw blanket, cushion, and rug. The colors and patterns are harmonious. It isn’t seen as too much at all because the theme is the same.

Entryway Decor from @loveyourhomeeveryday

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