Using wood-paneled for room decoration is not hard. It deals with how we combine the shiplap with other furniture. To avoid monotonous, try to choose the right furniture with color, pattern, and beautiful shape. So, the room will not make you feel bored. Next, feel free to apply wood-paneled for any room and make sure you do it properly.Fantastic BlackHow about this sexy bathroom? Is it interesting? Yes, of course. With black walls and ceilings, this bathroom looks glamour and catchy. Furthermore, no need large space to build this bathroom even in small room.On The EdgeThis bohemian living room shines with white ceiling. Rather than let it to looks shabby chic, the owner of this house wooden white beams. Moreover, this house seems eye-grabbing with its dark furniture, patterned pillow, and geometric lighting.Great Wide OpenDeciding wide wood-paneled walls dramatically change the room into more modern vibe. Again, let it in…

There is a paneling style for almost every decor. You can cover your entire wall, ceiling (you name it) or choose waist- or shoulder-high wainscoting. Paneling can be made from fine hardwoods or inexpensive pine (finishes run the gamut as well). Panels can be given a clear finish, or they can be painted, stained, or coated with any number of decorative finishes. Before installing paneling, place the materials in the room where they will be installed for two to five days to allow the wood to adjust to the humidity level and this will help eliminate any shrinkage or expansion problems once the panels are secured to the wall. Now check out these 8 wood-paneled ideas to update your existing wall that will inspire you below. 

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