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8 Enchanting Flower Arrangements for Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse deals with classy, natural, and neutral. Decorating farmhouse is not hard. You only need…

Farmhouse deals with classy, natural, and neutral.  Decorating farmhouse is not hard. You only need to use simple tools and materials. Just like when you want to add flowers to beautify the rooms. Here are farmhouse style flower arrangements ideas to try;

Charming Mounted Bouquet

Charming Mounted Bouquet


When you choose to have farmhouse style, this charming mounted bouquet may fit to your house. By simple steps you can create tobacco bouquet set inside a woven basket like the picture. In addition, this bouquet design can be used as wreath to welcome winter as well.

All-Season Faux

Arranging precious faux peonies will be a joyful project this weekend. With using Mason jar, a pretty faux flower is ready to brighten up your living room. Further, this DIY flower arrangement only uses basic material and simple tools.

Hanging Succulent

Rather than putting succulents besides window, hanging them on the ceiling looks more attractive. Using hang-able knick-knacks eases you to add a touch of unique view for your room. Moreover, the egg shape brings this hanging succulent seems cute.

Lush Blossoms on a Galvanized Tray

See the lush blossom at the center of galvanized try seems like seeing a little princess. Using crystal vase, the flowers looks genius and charming. In addition, you need to pay attention every single pieces of this artistic flowers arrangement to stand out.

Dried Bouquet in A Jar

Drying flowers and put them on Mason jar gives you a nice look flowers arrangement. You need to choose the flowers that keep their color even already dried such as dandelion, edelweiss, or others.

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Repurposed Glass Bottle

Replace the role of vases with some glass bottles give a new view at your room. Just choose the best flowers you like and cut them. Put them next to the window to get more sunlight and keep its beauty till evening.

Farmhouse Painted Mason Jar

Paint the glass jar will dramatically upgrade the look. Display fresh flowers cut from your garden and let them become the best feature of the room. Inhale flowers fragrance and let your mind be more relax and calm.

Bright and Warm Floral

Choose bright color flowers for enchanting flower arrangements. Creating multiple Mason jar arrangements on a long table of your dining room is brilliant idea. The accents of those pretty flowers on the jars directly improve the room decoration.

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