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8 Artistic Wall Hooks To Decorate Your Wall Easily

Hook functions as storage to keep your jacket, coat, bags, or tiny small like keys. It placed at en…

Hook functions as storage to keep your jacket, coat, bags, or tiny small like keys. It placed at entry way, bedroom or other wall side of your room. Due to the hook pattern that may look boring, you can see these following hook shape inspiration that unique and attractive. So, the decoration looks fun.

Madison Hook Rack

Madison Hook Rack


Gilded floral hook rack gives a touch of artistic value for your wall. Moreover, you can hang your bags here without afraid to see it fall down. The pattern reminds us about the nature, but overall it seems like a sculpture.

Peace Sign Wall Hook

Unique shape and look big from far distance make you easy to find where you hang your bag. White color looked elegant for modern house style. Furthermore, this hook can be placed anywhere at your wall.

White and Gold Ceramic Flower Hook

Get tired with the hooks on your wall that is really boring? Try this white and gold ceramic flower hook that look so attractive. Then, just hold your coat, bags, tie, and other stuffs at this bloom flower.

Woodland Wall Hooks

With cute shape and natural material, these hooks look so adorable. Put them on the wall of your children room. Hang their bags, coat, or other stuffs easily. Further, you can choose any animal shape as you like.

Branch Wall Hook

If you want to apply hook that natural and unique, this branch wall hook may fit to your necessary. It reminds us about Scandinavian home design. Just hang your coat, jacket, tie, or other stuff here to help easy find them any time.

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Eye Multi-Hook

Keep your small items just like keys, jewelries or other tiny things that need to be hanged. With big eye shape make you easy to see it any time. So, you don’t have to be worry any more to put your keys that usually hard to be found when lost.

Stay Awhile Hook

Consist of some letters, this hook beautify your wall more than you think. Moreover, this hook functions as welcome message to your guests as well. Just hang on your bags or coat and take again when needed.

Bel-Air Hook Rack

No matter what your wall color, this bel-air hook rack will perfectly add artistic value on it. Hang it higher and use it to hang your jacket. Put at entry way and make yourself easy to find your jacket someday.

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