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8 Super Easy DIY Room Decor Ideas That Need Less Than An Hour

Decorating a room doesn’t have to spend more time and money. You can make it into less than an hour…

Decorating a room doesn’t have to spend more time and money. You can make it into less than an hour. However, you have to be more creative. It deals with how you mix and match simple things on your room with the décor style. Take a look at these super easy DIY room decor that can be done in minutes;

DIY Tassel Wall Hanging

Diy Tassel Wall Hanging


Add a touch of bohemian style for your room by creating this tassel wall hanging. Bring magical sensation through this creative accessory. Moreover, to make this ornament you don’t need advance skill. Feel free to decide the color, but black looks best.

Unique Lucite Frame Craft

to make your room looks more vintage, add this unique lucite framed craft on the wall. This project is super easy to make. Though, you only have little time. Moreover, the result is amazing. Rather than let your wall empty, this craft looks better to full it.

DIY Pom Pom Bin

Upgrade you room with this simple DIY pom pom bin. It doesn’t need much time; even you can finish it less than an hour. Make this pom pom bin for your bedroom or other rooms’ accessories to make them look cute and fresh.

Mini Animal Canvases

Buy mini animal plastic at the toy store near your house.  Surprisingly, it will not only become your children toys, but also function as accessories to upgrade room décor. With simple step, add canvas and put the animals on it. Use hot glue.

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Oversize Book Page Wall Art Women

Print an oversize book page and hang it on the wall is great idea for room decoration. You are free to use front page or any part that you like. Some people choose the one which has beautiful sentence. Furthermore, this design let your room looks classic.

Handpainted Box Squares

Paint a box in a marble color to create eye-grabbing jewelry storage. This idea also can be functions as home decor accessories. Voila! You have a storage, wall decor, even creative DIY that will attract your guest attention.

DIY Fabric Mouse Pad

Try this totally unique idea to upgrade your working space with fabric mouse pad. Just cut a piece of fabric into rounded shape or any other shapes as your desire. Even, you are free to choose the pattern besides flower such as animals or vehicles.

DIY Colorful Pin Board

Get this real Pinterest at your home office. Choose colorful board to make your day more spiritful. Write down your schedules and pint them on those boards. Further, you are allow to pin your family photo or anything you like.

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