8 Space-Saving Tricks for Small Kitchens to Consider

Today’s kitchens are often the heart of the home. Therefore, careful planning is required to ensure a kitchen that’s both beautiful and highly functional. Having an organized kitchen saves you time, prevents unnecessary frustration, and makes cooking and entertaining a breeze. To get it all, you need to know how maximize your kitchen space, especially for small kitchen space because if you do it wrong, it can be a nightmare for you.

A well-designed kitchen has minimal clutter and maximum efficiency. If keeping your kitchen’s clutter under control is a daily struggle, it’s time to get creative with your organizing ideas. Check out these 8 space-saving tricks for small kitchen to consider below. Enjoy!

1. Contain Kitchen Clutter with Trays


Baskets and trays are very homey and useful, not just for carrying things but also to organize collections. Choose a light-colored wood and walls to make your kitchen space feel more spacious.

2. Smart Cabinets


Maximize your storage space. In the picture above, you can see a smart cabinet that consists of two cabinets that slide out over the countertop. Bins for trash and recyclables similarly pull out beside the sink.

3. Tucked-Away Seating


Give yourself more space to walk and save your flooring space a bit more in the kitchen by using stools that can be slipped under the counter. Choose cream color if you don’t want your eye stutter in a small space.

4. Shelving


Install a couple (or more) floating shelves on the side of a cabinet to accommodate the overflow. Open shelving and no upper cabinets make it look larger than it is.

5. Go Lighter


Go lighter to make your kitchen space feels twice as big.

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6. Hang Pots and Pans


Install an antique pot rack frees up your cupboard space. Place S-hooks on the side of the range hood to hang frequently used pots and pans.

7. Create Zones


In the picture above the kitchen is located in the entry hall and is camouflaged from the living area with folding doors to transform the entry into a mini-gallery when we entertain. It can also close off the dining room from the kitchen with pocket doors, so that once guests have arrived, it can open up the kitchen for cooking.

8. Movable Bar


The galley kitchen above has two doorways, one of which opens directly into the living room. The owner gained counter space, and improved the vista, by spanning this gap with a granite-top insert. Although it looks built-in, the “cabinet” is in fact a movable bar on casters.

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