How to Give Summer Touches to Your Cushion Cover

A cushion is an element for home decoration that becomes something a must. This one is functional stuff that could be placed in any room or added to any furniture such as the sofa, bed, swing, or even the playroom. Anyway, it is really interesting to give the seasonal touch to the cushion so that you can feel the spirit of the season in a simple way. Also, you can use it to beautify your decoration and have the seasonal decoration at once. For summer, there are some themes that you can apply for example the summer plant themes, summer fruit themes, coastal themes, and more. Or, you can apply the summer color scheme like blue, yellow, peach, and more. Here are the references that you can follow.

Bright Cactus Pattern

Cactus is also one of the patterns of choice that you can try on the use of summer pillows that are suitable to be placed in any room in the house according to your needs. Applying a living room pillow with a bright green color will make the white nuance in the room more colorful. Bought this pillow online to make it more practical.

Sun Flower Pillow Cover

Present blooming flowers in your living room decor. For example, you can use a pillow with a sunflower motif combined with several pillows that have the same pattern. Of course the sunflower motif is the best choice that you can place at this porch. Choosing this wooden bench will also give a natural touch and will look more sturdy.

Crochet Pillow

If you have knitting skills, then you can apply them to the use of pillows that can be placed on the living room sofa or outdoor chair. That way you will save more expenses because you can do it yourself, you can also knit this pillow according to the pattern you want. Choosing this floral pattern will look perfect for summer decorations in your home. The choice of pastel colors will also make your pillow design more fresh and stylish.

Large Scale Flower Pattern

This bright color scheme for backyard décor helps change the style and atmosphere of the surroundings. Start by using a yellow pillow with a floral scale pattern for a stylish backyard deflation. This pillow will be one of the right accessories so it will save costs to buy it, the color is bold enough to make it the focal point of the room.

Rainbow Pattern

The easiest way to bring a summer theme into your home is to use a rainbow patterned pillow. With this pastel color Elnagi pattern pillow, it will make your room decoration more beautiful and will enliven the summer in this house. In addition to making the surrounding area more colorful, the use of this rainbow pillow also attracts attention and makes the room feel more colorful. Combined with several other pillows will also give an attractive appearance and look perfect.

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Welcome Pillow

Adjust the use of pillows in the living room with the style of the room so that it blends well and perfectly. Choosing a pillow with the words “WELCOME” and watermelon accents on this pattern will make for a stylish decoration of the room. Choosing to make your own or buy in a store will complete the summer look in your room. The existence of this watermelon patterned pillow will also enliven the final look of your sofa.

Nautical Pillow

Bring the sensation of summer into your home with this nautical pillow. Let yourself feel the atmosphere of nature through pillows with beautiful pictures. The boot pattern, speed wheel, anchor and blue and red colors will make your pillowcase decoration more interesting and will bring summer to the whole room. This decoration is a festive living room decoration and looks stylish.

Sunflower Pattern

Sunflowers are the perfect choice that can be directly applied to a summer cushion. These recommended print patterns provide a beautiful home decor and will look more stylish. This sunflower pattern looks so good that it will brighten up the summer in your home. Besides being able to make the room more colorful and fun, this pillow also adds to the texture of the room that is not boring.

Pineapple Pillow

The picture of pineapple on this pillow reminds us of the beauty of the beach in summer. This delicious fruit will improve your mood better. The choice of yellow color on this pineapple will make the pillow decoration unique and will steal the attention of every guest who comes. In addition to the pineapple pattern, you can add pillows with a botanical pattern to create a stylish design and liven up summer throughout this room.

Green Pillow Cover

Using green pillows to liven up summer at home is not a bad idea for you to try. Choosing a green pillow and adding the words “BLOOM” will be an interesting decoration. Placing these pillows in the dining room and adding blooms in this mason jar vase will make for a festive summer décor and will steal the show.

Watermelon Pillow Cover

For now, you can use a watermelon pattern on your pillow decorations to enliven the summer in your home. With a turquoise background combined with a watermelon motif in red, it gives an unobtrusive appearance. This patterned pillow will work equally well for your comfort sitting on the sofa. This is a simple way that you can try to give a stylish decoration.

Animal Pattern Pillow

For all of you who love animals, this pillow pattern might be for you. The scarf on this pillow completes your summer imagination. This is a simple way that you can try to make beautiful and eye-catching room decorations. Putting it on this outdoor chair will make a different summer look while enlivening summer in your home.

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Bloom Fower

One of the best ways you can do to liven up the atmosphere of a room is to use an interior that has a beautiful pattern with a touch of bright color. Using this floral pattern and blooming lettering will make your room decor more stylish and will create a unique look. You can add this cushion to your outdoor chairs to bring the perfect room decor.

Pop Sicle Pattern

Check out this pillow with a pop sicle pattern, doesn’t it look very cute and adorable? Yes, you can buy it and put it in your summer room decor. This pillow with a pop sicle pattern and added the words “HELLO SUMMER” will make a beautiful decoration and will enliven the summer in your home. Just put it on your living room sofa or on the bed to make a stylish home decor.

Patchwork Summer Pattern

Reuse some of the leftovers you had to apply to your summer pillows for a nice feeling. This patchwork pillow has a colorful look with a festive summer pattern. The choice of colorful patterns on this patchwork will represent a unique decoration each year. Place the pillow wherever you need it, but it’s best to place it in a room that your guests or friends frequent.

Patriotic Summer Themed

This American pattern pillow will spice up summer in your living room decor. Choosing a blue pillow complete with floral motifs and stripes will make the design different and will result in a fresh decor. The beige sofa and wooden coffee table will make for a cozy design and will complete the look of this living room. This beige color scheme and large windows will give it a warm look and let the sun shine throughout the room.

Welcome Summer Pillow

Writing your mark on the pillow may seem like a different trend for summer. Let the summer spirit always be in your home with this bolster pillow. Plus the yellow floral motif on this pillow will make the room decor stylish and will enliven the summer in this living room. In addition to the Welcom writing pillow, you can also add a botanical print pillow to create a different design. Then, enjoy the season and have a more memorable moment.

Striped Pattern

The striped pattern pillow looks modern for a summer accent. In addition to the striped pattern, you can add a pastel color pillow complete with writing that will give a different look. However, pastel pillows carry summer all season long. So you will get a fresh feeling with this pillow. Besides

Bright Color Pillow

Summer is all about colorful moments. With this bright color pillow, you can express how much you admire this season. Get more imagination about every fun time of summer with these colorful pillows. Combined with this white sofa, it will provide a comfortable and warm room for you to try. This ornamented wooden coffee table will complete the living room decor this summer.

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Watermellon Pattern

Comes with a watermelon motif, this pillow is perfect for a neutral color sofa. Furthermore, this design is made for summer decoration in your home. So, don’t hesitate to put it in the living room to complete your room decor. This watermelon pattern will look pretty and will spice up summer all over your home.

Botanical Pattern

Using pillows for summer patio designs looks much better for those of you who like simplicity. Check out the simple and convenient pattern. Opting for this botanical pattern will exude an attractive summer patio decor and likewise, having this pillow will rest your body in peace for a better seat. Pair it with this rattan egg chair for a stylish and eye-catching patio decor.

Colorful Pillow

Adding some vibrant color to your summer patio décor will create a stylish oasis to enjoy this year’s summer. This bright color can be presented in the use of pillows that can be placed neatly on the sofa. Basically, these pillows have a circular pattern complemented by a bright color this is a perfect and beautiful decoration that will emphasize the summer theme in this room.

Rainbow Pattern

The rainbow pattern is a suitable pattern when applied to summer-style room decorations. For now, you can apply this rainbow pillow on the sofa that can be combined with the tassels in the corner of this pillow. With this, this rainbow pattern pillow will make a stylish décor and will enliven summer throughout the room.

Citrus Pattern

Don’t just use floral pillows for a touch of summer in your room. For now, you can use other patterns, it’s just that you have to pay attention to the color of the pillows used. Choosing an orange motif with red and yellow gradations will make the room decoration beautiful and will steal the attention of every guest who comes. Place this cushion on your patio chair for a unique décor.

Orange Flamingo

The orange falmingo image applied to this pillow reminds us how delicious this is for summer. This unique pillow can also attract the attention of guests. Adding a tassel of asken on each side of this pillow will create a unique and stylish decor. You can make this pillow yourself or buy it at a low price so that it will decorate a room with a minimal budget.

Hello Summer Pillow

This pillow with the word “HELLO” and a watermelon motif will make your summer decor more festive and look unique throughout the room. Using this red and green watermelon pattern will give it a different look. Putting pillows in this wooden chest will welcome your guests more lively and will make the decor of this room even more perfect.

Daisy Pillow

This cover pillow with a daisy pattern will make your summer decorations more festive and warm. Placing it on the terrace of the house and combined with this soft sofa will result in a comfortable and warm terrace decoration. This is a simple way that you can try to create a festive home decor and extra comfort on the terrace of this house.

Lemon Theme

This lemon theme suddenly reminds us that summer is full of excitement for your holiday season. This pillow with a lemon pattern will give the whole room a summer feel and will give it a different look. Putting a pillow on the arm of this sofa will provide extra warmth and comfort.

Summer Pillow

Give your summer living room a simple accent but a good pillow will help you perfect your bedroom design this summer. Choose pillows with letters like “Summer, day” and some fruity patterns. These will create a unique and summery look in your home. Here you can also add a pillow with a duck motif to complete the look of your living room.

Cactus Pattern

The image of a cactus applied to this pillow reminds us how delicious this is for summer. This unique pillow can also attract the attention of guests who come to your home. Furthermore, using white on this pillow will make a beautiful pillow decoration and will steal the eye. This pillow will enliven your summer home and will add extra comfort to the whole room.


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