How to Present Rainbows for Your Home Decor this Summer

Summer is identical with something fresh and cheerful that will be really matched to rainbow if you want to find a new decoration theme for your summer home. Also, the sweet colors that the rainbow has will give your house such a fun atmosphere. Here, the rainbow won’t only match for the kids or teenagers. Even for the adults, the rainbow decoration theme will always become such a worthy choice. For the application itself, you can have the rainbow as an ornament or home accessories like a mat or rug. However, if you don’t want the exact shape of a rainbow, you can apply the rainbow theme by using the colors. For example, you can have the flower wall painting ornament in rainbow colors. There are still so many ideas about how to apply the rainbow to your summer home decoration that you can check below.

Interior Living Room Ideas

Are you looking for a large-scale decoration with rainbow colors? If so, then you can use a rainbow-colored living room interior that is suitable for perfecting summer decorations. This rainbow color can be applied to the use of sofas, canvas paintings, rugs, and some indoor plants that are placed not too far apart. The rainbow nuance in this living room decoration is very easy to build because you simply use several different color choices in the design you use.

Rainbow Entryways Ideas

You have many options for bringing a rainbow to your summer decor this year. For example, you can use mats and pillows that are placed on a chair with a rainbow pattern that has several beautiful color combinations. Usually the colors used in rainbow designs are purple, red, green, blue and many more. Umbrellas with rainbow colors placed in the entrance decorations also add a beautiful touch to other rainbows, you can try this summer decoration right now.

Colorful Living Room Decor

If you want to have a lively living room decoration that can be used as a good starting point, then the application of rainbow colors is a smart idea that you can try. Start by using colorful throw pillows, a rainbow of linen pots and rugs that have different color combinations. End this room with a monstera plant that is large enough to make the room feel more natural and fresh. Canvas painting with a combination of pink and yellow colors also makes the wall area more colorful and doesn’t get boring easily.

Summer Touch Balcony

To add a burst of rainbow colors to the balcony decoration, just use some furniture with a different color combination. Bold colors that can be combined include pink, purple, yellow, blue and red. All these colors will work well together to decorate any room including this balcony. With this balcony decoration, you will create an outdoor area that attracts attention and will become a comfortable area that can be used for any get-togethers you have.

Rainbow Kitchen Shelves

Kitchen shelves are a cute way to make easy-to-try rainbow decorations. They will work well for many things and of course can also look adorable when made as one of the focal points of the room. Place all the colored tableware that you have vertically in a neat and orderly arrangement. The cutlery you use has a mix of green, yellow, blue and purple colors. All these colors will work together well and maximally.

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Patterned Runner Rug

An easy way to bring rainbow colors to your bedroom decor is to use a runer rug on the side of the bed. Now you can use this rug in a bohemian style bedroom decor. String light that is applied to the wall becomes a dim room lighting idea and of course gives a warm feel that can be obtained instantly. Indoor plants that are placed in the corner of the room also add a natural green color that will bring a natural feel into the room.

Rainbow Home Decor

Rainbow color choices will never fail when decorating a summer themed living room. You can apply this rainbow color to the use of the interior evenly, including the use of wall decorations. Sofas, chairs, wall paint and some canvas paintings into the interior of the main living room which makes the room feel more comfortable and suitable for gathering with guests or family who come. You can use any style, modern style is the best choice you can try so that it never goes out of fashion.

The Colorful Banister

One of the characteristics to add a touch of summer to your home decor is to use rainbow shades that can be applied to a banister decoration in your home. The first step you can do is to buy paint and apply it to every banister made of wood. Decorating your own banister is an ideal way to leave a lasting impression on guests and always makes you feel happy every time you go up and down the stairs. The walls along the stairs are also decorated with a wreath and the frame has been repainted with a choice of paint.

Rainbow Touch Hallway

Incorporate rainbow patterns and colors into your home decor, now you can try it in the hallway decorating section that has less space. A rainbow pattern made of wood can be hung on one part of the wall that is still empty, for example, just hang it right under the round mirror. You can apply other rainbow colors to the painting part of the solid black frame. Abstract vases with rainbow colors are also a sweet finishing touch that you can fill with brown and red dried plants.

Summer Bathroom Touch

Incorporate rainbow colors into your bathroom decor in the easiest way you can do yourself. For example, you can use a bathtub curtain with a choice of rainbow colors that look fun and exciting. With the use of this curtain, the white bathroom decoration will be more colorful and not easily boring. Usually this rainbow nuance is used on a summer theme, don’t forget to end it with the use of indoor green plants that can be placed on a wooden bench that has a fairly high size.

Multicolor Interior Living Room

You can also try the rainbow color when you use the interior of the living room, starting with the use of colorful pillows that are neatly applied on the sofa. One of the pillows used has a sun pattern that emphasizes the summer theme this year. You can also try the colorful touch on the use of coffee table decorations through the use of woven trays filled with pink teapots, blooming flower arrangements and pom-pom decorations that neatly surround the tray. The colors in this living room decoration are ready to color your living room decor.

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Kidsroom Decoration

So that your child’s bedroom decoration looks more colorful and looks fun, then the use of rainbow color tones is the best choice that you can try. Just apply this color to the use of botanical wallpaper which is dominated by bright colors ranging from yellow, purple, blue and pink. Other rainbow colors can be tried on the use of pillowcases, blankets and a rainbow painting that is perfected with a white frame. Indoor green plants are the last decoration that you can try easily and cheaply.

Rainbow Stairs Color

Give a different impression and look to your summer staircase decoration. The first design you can do is apply a rainbow of colors to this ladder layer. This rainbow color will instantly present a striped pattern. Look at the rainbow staircase design that you are trying, doesn’t it look fun and luxurious? With this decoration, you will give a beautiful and colorful atmosphere when you go up or down the stairs.

Pretty Rainbow Countertop Decor

Don’t let the kitchen decor in the countertop look plain and boring, take advantage of the corner of your countertop so it doesn’t interfere with the main function of this kitchen. Now you can decorate it with a rainbow LED that has a mix of red, yellow, purple and blue colors. This rainbow LED will look bolder at night. Make this rainbow ornament more colorful by using a blooming flower arrangement that can be placed not too far away.

Floral Theme with Rainbow Nook Color

Rainbow theme doesn’t just use rainbow pattern. Currently you can use a flower pattern with a rainbow color that you can apply to a nook decoration that can be used for a reading or relaxing area. This flower pattern with rainbow colors can be tried on the use of blind curtains, pillowcases and window seat layers. The presence of glass windows with wooden frames painted white gives you a beautiful view of the outdoors. The nuance of the room which is dominated by white color makes this nook area bolder and can be used as a focal point.

Summer Feels Bedding

Get a feel of summer in your bedroom decor by using rainbow bedding that is perfected with the feel of a white-themed room. With this, the use of bedding will look bolder and suitable for use as the focal point of the room. The color of this rainbow bedding is very pretty and is perfect for bringing out an instant summer feel. You can try this color whenever you want and of course according to the decoration you want.

Rainbow Colored Pillows

In summer, your bed should also be decorated as well as possible to get a beautiful and maximum appearance. For example, you can combine white bedding with a rainbow pillowcase that has a subtle pattern. Use this pillowcase more than one to give it a pretty color that never gets boring. Finish this bedroom decor with a flamingo painting dominated by pink and white.

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Rainbow Palm Color

Don’t let your walls look plain with the white paint that they are currently using. Try pasting colorful sheets to serve as a background for a palm tree painting that has a splash of rainbow colors. Solasi that you can use ranging from yellow, red, green to blue. Apply evenly with an irregular arrangement. Furthermore, this palm painting has a size large enough so that it is suitable for decorating the walls to make it look more colorful.

Floating Rack Decoration

Using floating shelves is the right step to fill the empty space on the walls of the room. However, you can add rainbow accessories on top to make the summer atmosphere more cheerful and fun. Pair this rainbow accessory with a variety of other accessories, for example with accessories written with words that will make you more excited to go through the day. Floating shelves combined with several hangers at the bottom make it an alternative storage for storing items that you use often.

Focal Point LED Rainbow

One of the advantages that you can get from using rainbow LEDs is that they can be used as room decorations as well as additional lighting in one of the rooms you use. You can put it in a room that is often visited by your guests so that it can be used as the focal point of the room at night. This rainbow LED can be purchased at the nearest store or can also be purchased online at a price that is not too expensive. Usually this LED is placed on the console table in the entryway decoration to be used as an initial welcome for guests who come to your home.

Rainbow Paint Wall decor

If you have a blank wall in your room, try painting it with a rainbow as a cheerful and vibrant summer decoration. To make it look simple but look attractive it would be nice if you paint a rainbow with a large enough size. You can paint a rainbow using watercolors, besides the costs incurred, not much watercolor is also very easy to find around you. So that it looks contrast and produces a maximum appearance, don’t forget to use white or beige base paint.

Rainbow Painting and Floral Decor

Welcome this summer by using decorations that have bright colors. Use a rainbow painting wall decor to decorate the walls of the room, to make it look more natural you can also pair it with roses in pots. The combination of bright rainbow wall decor with beautiful roses will make it a refreshing decoration in summer. Not only by using roses in pots, you can also use fake flower accessories with bright and diverse colors.

Colorful Rainbow Bedroom Color

Apply rainbow colors all over the bed for this summer’s decor. You can use pillows with bright colors, such as red and green combined with a white bed. To make it more colorful, you can also use a nightstand with a bright color too, add some additional accessories on it to make it look more cheerful, a few sunflower stalks are perfect for summer decorations. Finish with a layer of woven tapestry repainted in fun rainbow colors.

Summer Vibes Bedroom Decor

Making your summer atmosphere more cheerful and fun with a rainbow theme in your home is a smart idea. Bed? Yes the bed you should not miss to decorate too. Try replacing your old blanket with a new blanket that has a rainbow pattern. To be more harmonious, you can also replace the old pillow with a pillow of the same color at the same time. The transparent glass window is able to present a rainbow reflection that can easily enter the room, just open your curtain window in the morning before the afternoon.

Vibrant Color Carpet

Focus on decorating your living room with a touch of rainbow color that you can try on some of the interiors around it. The easiest thing to try is to coat the white floor with a smooth and soft striped rainbow carpet. Not only the carpet, but you can also fill the open shelves with some of the beautiful collections you have and of course that has a colorful touch. With this, your living room decor will get a fun vibe and it’s also suitable when combined with a modern style that never goes out of style.

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