20 Ideas for Cactus Arrangement for Your Summer Decoration

To provide the cactus for your summer decoration, you should consider the arrangement so that you can get the pretty version for this. The cactus arrangement will cover many things those are including the kinds of cactus itself, the additional accessories to beautify the arrangement and the planter for the cactus. If you want to have the festive one, you can choose different colors of cactus in one pot. Or, you may have one kind of cactus but add colored gravel or sands. To make the cactus arrangement looks more interesting, you may also arrange the cactus to be seen as a forest miniature. For the planter itself, you can choose the ones that have the impression you need such as a simple black modern planter, a round Boho planter, or using the glass to make the terrarium. Check the following ideas.

Use an Oval Cement Pot Arrangement

Are you in need of summer home decor? If so, then try the arrangement of the cacti that you have in the backyard garden area. Enjoy this styling process well for maximum results. Look at this oval vase with cement material with a shallow surface, this will be a container for grouping small cacti. They will work well for a cute display and of course, you can grow them easily and can be moved to any area of the house according to the needs of the room decor. Oval Cement Pot Arrangement from california_cactus_center

Terrarium Cactus Design

You can create a sweet mini garden by designing a cactus glass terrarium according to the design you want. Currently, you can buy a glass container with a round shape made of selected materials so that it is thicker and not easily broken. After that, you can fill it with orange sand to be used as a planting medium for the small cacti that you have. In addition to sand, also add small white stones for additional planting media while giving a different color that makes this terrarium design more perfect overall. Glass Terrarium Cactus Design from creadevents

Simple Modern Look Planter

Get a cactus arrangement design with a simple and modern look. Consider using a plain white ceramic pot. After that you can use a variety of different types of cacti for a more colorful look, you will love cacti because they never die. And look at this flowering cactus, the combination of green, pink, yellow and red will be a festive mix that you can use as a coffee table decoration or a centerpiece decoration in the dining table area. Modern Look Pot Arrangement from creadevents

Round Shaped Pot Arrangement Ideas

Arrangement pots that have a round shape are always a choice that will never fail. Now you can try to make cactus arrangements that can be easily moved to any area of the room according to the decor of a summer house. Three types of cacti are enough to fill this pot as a whole. Don’t forget to add other natural ornaments such as gravel, dry branches, and large white stones. You can put this cactus arrangement pot in a room that is often visited by your friends or family. Round Shaped Pot Arrangement from incandescentbloom

Striped Painting Planter

To give a cactus planter design a different look, consider painting and repainting it with a simple pattern that is easy to do. Now you can paint a striped pattern with a mix of navy blue and white paint that looks elegant. These two colors will work well together without giving a dull or tacky color finish. Small clay is an additional ornament that you can easily apply in this cactus area, get it at a cheaper price too. DIY Striped Painting Planter from indigosoil

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Shallow Pot made of Natural Material

If you do not have too much planting media, then the use of shallow surface pots is highly recommended. Choose and use this pot with a harder material such as stone so that it is not easily broken or damaged when used for a long period of time. Planter pots with a round shape will never fail and never go out of style, in this one pot you can plant two to three types of cacti for a more festive and fun display. Place it in an area that has enough sunlight for this cactus to thrive. Shallow Pot made of Natural from succulentpartea

Natural Stone Cactus Planter

To bring the nuances of nature into the room more optimally, you can decorate your home with plants that can be carried anywhere easily. Cactus is one type that you can try and is suitable when applied during the summer. Consider the use of pots with natural stone materials that have harder, natural materials and of course have a cheaper price. Here you can add a fairly large stone as an additional ornament that you can get in the backyard garden area without having to buy it. Natural Stone Cactus Planter from brandonburkphotography

Large Cactus Pot Arrangement

A variety of cacti with a fairly large size is suitable when applied to a pot arrangement with a size that is quite wide and large as well. Just choose a pot with clay material so that it has a harder and stronger surface or material. After the arrangement of this cactus is to your liking, don’t forget to decorate it for a more perfect final look. Currently, you can decorate the ground surface with small pieces of wood that are applied in a circular manner according to the shape of the arrangement pot used. Large Cactus Pot Arrangement from theurbanjunglehub

Gravel and Soil Planting Media

Soil and gravel are a combination of planting media that you can use to plant several different types of cactus. This planting medium can be obtained easily in the backyard garden or when you don’t have it you can buy it online at a fairly cheap price. Just buy it online to make it more practical and doesn’t make you feel complicated. The cactus arrangement pot also has a rainbow pattern that makes it appear more colorful, just place it in an area of the room that is often visited by your guests or family so that it can be used as a different view. Natural Planting Media from maareb_nursery

Green Color Pot Arrangement

Don’t leave a pot arrangement with a clay color. Now you can try to repaint it with green for a different look and it’s not easy to get boring. This pot is suitable for planting small cacti to develop better and maximally, just do regular maintenance to produce more fertile plants. The arrangement of this cactus is quite neat and you yourself can use two to three different types. In addition, the outer surface of this cactus arrangement pot also has a more textured and diverse polka dot pattern. Green Color Pot Arrangement from keopsbotanic

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Summer Vibes Pot Arrangement

To emphasize the summer theme this year, the easiest way you can is to use a planter design that has a blooming flower pattern. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also choose a pot with a festive splash of color. In this one-pot bowl, you can use and plant three to four different types of cacti. Small pebbles become the perfect sprinkling of the surface of the growing media to give a tropical style touch. Summer Patterned Pot Arrangement from hane.tasarim

Elegant Style Cactus Planter

Do you want a cactus arrangement in an elegant style? If so, then you can use a ceramic planter that is dominated by white, and of course, it will look shiny when exposed to the reflection of the light. Here you can arrange a cactus with a variety of different types to make it look more charming and beautiful. Look at this cactus that has bloomed in pink, doesn’t it look very beautiful and cute? Yes, you can easily get them to bring indoors as a summer decoration that will never fail. Elegant Ceramic Cactus Planter from sohoflowerandgarden

Textured Cactus Pot

Besides being able to be used as home decorations, the arrangement of the cactus which is perfected with this 3D patterned pot adds texture to the room instantly. Look at the 3D striped pattern on this pot, doesn’t it look very eye-catching? Yes, you can try and buy it at a plant supply store near your house. Not only cacti, you can also arrange them together with other types of plants, such as succulents and dried lemon slices to emphasize the summer theme. 3D Patterned Cactus Pot from denizlicicekcisi

Bowl Pot Arrangement Design

So that the bowl pot that is used does not look plain and boring, then you can paint and paint again with patterns that are easy to do yourself. For example, you can paint the outer surface of this pot with a geometric pattern so that it has a modern look that never goes out of fashion. Then you can combine a combination of black and white for a monochromatic look that looks elegant. The Cactus is a type of indoor plant that does not require more water and sunlight. Bowl Pot Arrangement with Geometric Pattern from botanicalsmh

Cactus Arrangement for Windowsill Decoration

The windowsill area in your house can be perfected by arranging a cactus that is applied to an oval pot made of ceramic so that it looks shinier when exposed to the reflection of the sun. Not only cacti, to combine them you can choose succulent plants that both have low maintenance. The pot used also has a dark black color so it is not easy to get dirty when used for a long period of time. The use of this pot also looks more modern and contemporary. Cactus Arrangement for Windowsill Decor from pryckle_rocks

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Arrangement of Various Types of Cactus

You can use several different types of cacti for a more diverse look as a summer-style home decor that never fails and doesn’t die easily. Just apply these various types of cacti in the same container so that they look lusher when placed on a table or in the summer charm fireplace area. A transparent glass container with a glossy surface is the right choice for you to choose. You don’t have to worry about the pot that is used easily broken because it has a thicker material, you can try it easily and cheaply. Arrangement of Various Types of Cactus from maisonrose.lb

Cactus and Succulent Arrangement

Cacti and succulents are a combination of plants that can be arranged neatly in a stained glass pot with a fairly thick material. These two plants can work well together to decorate your home in summer. Just arrange and plant them both at a distance that is not too far away so that it looks quite lush when viewed from a distance. You can also put it on the table or on the floating shelf according to the needs of the room, don’t forget to do regular maintenance so that it can develop properly. Cactus and Succulent Arrangement Pot from vekioevents

Rectangle Arrangement Pot

Arrangement of a pot with a rectangle shape can be one of the best recommendations that you can try to plant a cactus that is used as a summer decoration in your home. The use of this pot allows you to more easily arrange and plant cacti that are applied in the same container. Just choose and use a pot with a splash of black so it doesn’t get dirty easily when used for a long period of time. Besides that, you can also choose it from the right materials such as clay or ceramics to make it easier to paint again with the color you want. Rectangle Arrangement Pot with Black Color from indigosoil

Vintage Look Cactus Planter

Adjust the type of pot that is used with the style of your current home. If you have a house with a vintage style, then you can also use a galvanized pot with a surface that looks old. Just fill this pot with three different types of cactus arrangements. In addition, the cacti planted also have a variety of different sizes, ranging from small to large. Because this pot is equipped with a holder, you can move it to any room according to the needs of the room. Vintage Galvanized Cactus Planter from lizzyscreationsbloemenkiosk

Different Arrangement Cactus Types

Don’t just use one type of cactus for the arrangement of cacti that will be used as summer home decorations. It’s a good idea to plant three different types of cactus in one high pot made of cement. The top surface of this cactus planting medium is perfected with white stones that give a little tropical touch. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also repaint this part of the pot with a plain white color that gives an elegant impression without being outdated. Different Arrangemnet Cactus with High Planter from bloomhomedecor.ae

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