How to Create Beauty in Your Home by Using String Light

It is no doubt that the string light is really pretty which makes us want to present it to our home decoration. Also, its flexibility on the application so that we can create any designs with it gives more value for the string light. Then, is it possible to use the string light to beautify your home decoration? Of course, yes! For your reference, you can install the string light by adding some other accessories like foliage or any seasonal stuff then hang it to light up your room with the seasonal touch. Or, you may also use the string light as if it is a drapery to decorate your wall. Installing the string light to your banister will also be great! There are still so many ideas that you can copy that we have provided below. Go down and find the magic from the beauty of the string light when added to home decoration.

Hanging String Light with Leaf Decoration

Who said string light can only be applied outdoors, now you can try it indoors for a beautiful look that you can get instantly. The appearance of this beautiful green leaf can be easily made and assembled yourself, so that the leaves used do not wilt easily, you can use only fake leaves. Next, just clip a piece of this lamp to the part of the leaf that you have arranged, that way it will sparkle during the day or night. Just hang it on one part of the wall that is still empty as a DIY decoration that attracts attention. Decorative Lighting Ideas from @kazziebot

Decorative String Light Banister

Give a romantic impression in your home by decorating the banister using a string light. Change the color of the banister to black, so that the string light can display its light at night with maximum results. The method is easy so that you can do it yourself, simply by wrapping the string light along your banister firmly enough so that it doesn’t come off easily when used at night. Besides being used as a banister decoration, the use of this string light is an additional room lighting that seems cheap. Decorative String Light Banister from @steph_chien

Magical Make-up Room

For a more glow up and magical look, just use two types of string lights with different sizes in the same room. The use of this type of string light is able to highlight your make-up decorations so that it gives an urban and sophisticated impression. A string light with a large bulb can be applied to the hanging shelf in the corner of this room so that it helps in lighting the room as well at night. Furthermore, you can apply the fairy string light to the round mirror on your make-up table. Magical Make-up Room from @apegosprolar

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Sparkling Framed Door Ideas

Enhance your home’s door décor with the joy of detail. Currently you can design a door frame using string lights that are arranged and installed according to the height and shape of the door. In addition to bringing this special pleasure, the use of this string light offers light at night. The use of this string light is a smart idea because it is complemented by the sparks of fairy lights that dance around the dining area and TV room. Candle lanterns are additional lighting that you can apply in this room at the same time. Framed Door Decoration with Yellow String Light from @apegosprolar

White String Light for Dramatic Balcony Vibes

To provide calm lighting when you are in an outdoor balcony decoration, you can use a bulb string light with white lighting. The lighting that is obtained is very dim and suitable for enjoying the dark sky at night. Just apply this type of string light to the balcony railing area by wrapping it more tightly so it doesn’t come off easily when used for a long period of time. Here you can add some outdoor furniture that has maximum comfort, for example you can combine sofas, chairs and benches with a layer of soft tufted seat cushions. Dramatic White String Light from @42m2____

Polaroid String Light for Wall Decoration

This wall display doubles as a lighting feature as well as a place to see photos of your vacation with your partner or family. You can hang this polaroid photo freely as long as it looks charming and neat. Six or seven photos are ready to be used as a complement to the use of this string light when applied indoors. One of the other advantages that you can get from using this Polaroid string light is that it adds a touch of privacy that can be easily presented at a very affordable price. Polaroid String Light Decoration from @storehousehomedecor

Vibrant String Light Decoration

Do you want to beautify the appearance of your home in an easy and inexpensive way? The best solution is to use a string light with a size long enough so that it can decorate the interior of a wider room. Currently you can place string lights with yellow lighting along the stairs and in the wall area that frames the entrance to your kitchen. It’s not enough to get here, you can also combine it with several colorful lampshades that are hung close together at different heights. With this, your home interior decoration will look more fun and not tacky. No need to worry about spending a lot of money because this string light has a low price. Vibrant String Light Decoration from @designcafe.dc

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Multicoloured Fairy String Lights Ideas

If you have a lot of memories with those closest to you, try to start capturing them through photos. Polaroid photos are perfect for capturing the moment, save the photo in a unique and different way. Using a string light is a good idea, hang a photo using a clamp or the like on each string light. It will be even more leverage if you use a string light with colorful lights, this will make the room look more cheerful, festive and fun. Get this string light online to make it more practical. Colorful Fairy String Lights from @lepro_uk

Dining Table Decoration

You can try a different look on the dining table decoration that is currently in use. Look at this combination of string light with greenery, isn’t it very eye-catching? Yes, you can try it as best you can to get maximum results. Just apply a string light randomly on this dining table and then proceed with a triangle pot that has been planted with succulent or katus plants that can survive even if placed indoors. Candle holders are additional dim lighting that you can place simultaneously on this dining table. Summer Dining Table with Magical Vibes from @lepro_uk

DIY String Light for Wall Decoration

If you want a unique bedroom wall decor, try using a string light. String light that is stretched along the wall or rather above the bed will make your room get additional light at night. Don’t let the string light you use look plain, add red ribbon ties to each lamp to make your bedroom wall decor look more colorful. You can also pair it with some small paintings to fill the empty space on the walls of your room, this will be the most unique wall decoration. It’s not enough to stop here, this wall display is also ready to be used as the focal point of the room. String Light for Wall Decoration from @9bynamrata

Magical Balcony Decor Ideas

Bring the night sky to the balcony area with false ceiling panels that are perfected by the use of bulb string lights. These lights create a gentle illumination of the night sky. It’s perfect for indoor or outdoor application, you can arrange it neatly. The light generated from the use of this bulb string light is very dim so you can combine it with other types of lighting such as candle holders and candle lanterns that can be placed on the floor or more precisely in the corner of the room. Magical Balcony for Outdoor Dining Space from @amazinginteriordes

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Modern Flower String Light

The soft light that comes from using this string light is suitable for decorating a teenager’s or children’s bedroom. You can install them carefully for a neat result and minimize clutter or clutter. This string light can be applied to a summer garland that is used to decorate the wooden bed frame used, this idea creates a charming look during the day or night. Green plants and flowers are a blend of natural ingredients that you can use to make your own DIY garland on the weekends. Modern Flower String Light Ideas from

Macrame Wall Hanging with String Light

Decorate your home with wall decorations with a different look. Hang a star-shaped macrame combined with a string light as an additional decoration that will make the room wall look more glow up. Just make this macrame craft yourself according to the size you want. The star macrame will continue to glow and will accompany you at night or when the room feels darker. You can also use star macrame decorated with string lights as a night light because the light produced is not too bright. Star Macrame with String Light Decor from @macrame_edition

Dramatic Picnic Vibes

An easy way to make your home decor look more beautiful is to use a string light in the room. When you want to bring picnic vibes indoors, you can use a mini tent that is equipped with a string light at the top. In addition to the tent, you can also apply a fairly long dining table which is perfected with fresh centerpiece plants. Just use more than one string light so that it can be used as the main lighting at night, you can install it stretched easily and don’t need a professional. Tent and String Light Accent from

Glow Up Modern Living Room

Showcase your living room window with some string lights for a more stylish and less tacky look. Four or five string lights can provide additional lighting in this room at night. Just hang it on the window evenly so that you indirectly decorate the windowsill area with a magical theme that makes the room feel more dramatic and romantic. Candle holders are additional lighting that can be placed in the same area so that they can work well together for very relaxed lighting ideas and of course have a low and affordable price. String Light Windowsill Decoration from


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