How to Apply Gender Neutral Scheme for Summer Home

In case you want to choose the color scheme for your home decoration, it is really recommended for you to choose a gender-neutral scheme. Why? Because this one can be proper for man or woman so that there won’t be any domination between you and your partner. Also, the neutral scheme will be long-lasting so that you don’t need to worry if your home will be seen as boring and doesn’t follow the trend. Another benefit of choosing the neutral scheme is that you can apply any additional decoration to this so that you can do the seasonal decoration with many additional ornaments and stuff to create the impression of each season. The following ideas are the references that we have prepared for you so that you can get a sight of varied gender-neutral decorations for your home.

Light Gray Wall

If you want to bring a summer theme to your bedroom decor with a gray color scheme on the walls, this will give the entire room a warm feel. This neutral color scheme will take you to a calm and warm summer. Choosing the right color is one of the best color choices that you can try right now. This light blue headboard will add a touch of color to this decor. Gray Wall Bedroom from pure.down

White Wall Living Room

The living room is one of the rooms that are often visited by guests or your family who come to the house. Therefore you can decorate it as much as possible with any style or theme according to your wishes. Choosing a neutral white color scheme on the walls and this sofa will make for an interesting design. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also combine some green plants and tropical patterned pillows so that they can be combined in one room with more perfect results. White Wall and Sofa from zo_han

Summer Porch

Decorate your patio by applying a neutral color scheme that will give you a warm and cozy design. Equipped with a set of chairs and a rattan table, it will give a comfortable impression to this decoration. This pineapple motif pillow will add a touch of summer to this terrace and produce a different design every year. Summer Porch from miss_kiwy

All White

Besides being able to create the illusion of a spacious room, this bright white color scheme helps you give a unique design that will steal the show. You can apply this white color to the ceiling and walls to make it look clean and bright which will give an eye-catching appearance. This oak floor is complemented by a burlap rug that will add warmth and a natural touch to the entire room. White Color Scheme from zebra.home

Natural Touch Summer Backyard

A natural touch to this backyard decor will add some beach style to this decor. Applying a natural touch to the fence, lampshade and rattan furniture will present a unique design and will steal the attention of every guest who comes. This is a simple way that you can try to liven up summer in your backyard. Some of these green plants will also give the impression of a fresh and cool room. Natural Summer Backyard from espaciodecoideas

Bohemian Style

This summer bedroom decoration with a touch of boho style will make a different design and will steal the eye. Choosing a natural color scheme and adding some of this wooden furniture gives a natural touch to the entire room. This is a simple style that you can try to give a different design. Nature Summer Bedroom from sampattivillas

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Two-Tone Color Scheme

This summer dining room design with a two-tone scheme will give it a soft and subdued look. Opting for these pastel blues and whites will make for a beautiful design for you to try. In America with centerpieces of hydrangeas and flags this makes for a beautiful design. This dining table set with a matching color will also balance the appearance of your dining room. Two Tone Scheme from theholidayhousedecor

Natural Living Room

Adding a neutral color scheme to the living room this summer will make your home decor more spacious and bright. Using this off-white color scheme will result in a different design that feels spacious and warm. Some of these green plants will create a fresh and natural room. This large window on one wall is a beautiful home decor for you to try. In addition, these large windows will offer a cool outdoor view and an attractive backyard view. Natural Lighting from mirandadriehuizen

Nature Touch

This summer’s living room is equipped with a natural color scheme that will give a calm look. Choosing these beige and green colors will create a calm and warm room design. The botanical touch on this sofa cover will bring you into the freshness of this living room. In addition, you can add large green plants in pots to make your room decor fresher. Botanical Pattern from myclaireburke

Farmhouse Dining Room

This summer farmhouse dining room has a natural color scheme that will make your heart feel calmer and warmer. Combined with some wooden furniture in a vintage style, this will give a natural touch to the entire room. Complete the decor of this dining table set with a green sofa that will add a touch of color to this dining room. Summer Farmhouse Dining Room from becky.cunningham.home

Coastal Theme

This coastal theme rocks your home’s farmhouse dining room. With a blue and white color scheme this is synonymous with coastal style throughout the home. This wooden furniture set will also give a natural touch to the entire dining room. Some wall decorations in the form of wall art and large mirrors will make the walls of your home not look boring. Coastal Summer Dining Room from ourperfectingmanor

Summer Backyard

This summer style in the design around the swimming pool offers a neutral color scheme that is worth trying. Choosing this white color will look clean and bright so it will create a different design in this swimming pool area. Applying this pergola and fence is an interesting idea for you to try. adding a touch of natural furniture in the form of a dining table and lampshade set will look contrast and steal the eye. Summer Pool from andreavanheerden.creative

Summer Boho Bedroom

Redecorating the bedroom in a boho summer style will produce a unique design and will look trendy this year. With a neutral color scheme combined with some wooden furniture, this will produce a beautiful home design with a natural touch. Adding boho ornaments such as macram, floor pillows and this rattan floor lamp will make your room less boring. This geometric floor rug is able to provide a great room decor. Summer Boho Bedroom from patchouli.egy

Blue and Ivory

Redecorating the bedroom in this summer style is the next idea that you can try. Choosing a natural color scheme such as ivory and blue will make a room decor different from previous years. This is a simple method that you can try because it will provide comfort and serenity to the entire room. Choosing walls with ivory color and a touch of blue on this bedding set can give a different decoration. Blue and Ivory Color Scheme from miennes.home

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Beige Color Scheme

There’s no need to add too much color, you just need to use a neutral color scheme for this summer farmhouse décor. Choosing a beige color for this wall decor idea will give it a calm and warm look. Combine it with a sofa that has an earth tone color to make it easier to combine with the surrounding colors. This blooming floral pillow will also provide a fresh and summery design in your home. Ivory Color Scheme from ourroseinthedesert

Natural Rustic Summer Bedroom

Another option for the idea of decorating a stylish summer bedroom with this neutral color scheme, you can apply it evenly throughout the room. You can start by using a white color scheme on the walls combined with some furniture in a rustic style to create a beautiful room decoration. This gray bedding set adds a touch of color to the decor of this bedroom. Rustic Summer Theme from ashtonpeterson

Ivory Color Scheme

You can easily get a vintage touch to your summer living room decor, one of which is by using the color ivory on the walls and this soft sofa. This fake fireplace and some wooden ornaments are a choice of color combinations that don’t damage the color tone of the room. You can neutralize the color tone in this bedroom by adding some green plants in the pot to give a cool and natural home decor. Farmhouse Summer Theme from decorsteals

Ocean Beach Home Decor

The combination of white and blue that is applied to the interior of the house is usually themed and has a modern marine style. These two colors each have a neutral impression so they don’t make the room seem tacky. A large window on one of the walls also provides natural lighting which will make your home brighter and will offer a beautiful sea view. This wooden furniture will also complement your home decor.Ocean Summer Decor from theoceanstonepei

Tropical Wallpaper

This tropical pattern wallpaper will complement your bedroom decor which will give a touch of summer to the whole money. Choosing a gray and white color scheme in this room will not look boring. This is a simple way that you can try to create a warm and serene home decor. This bed set with a boho pattern will provide a different pattern so that it will become an attractive room decoration. Leaf Wallpaper from tiina_hovatta

Summer Living Room

The neutral color scheme in this living room gives the impression of being spacious and looking bright. In addition, this blue patterned blanket will make your home decor more beautiful and give a touch of color to the decor of this room. In addition, adding blooming flowers in this vase can give a cool summer look and look natural. Striped Blanket from modernglamhome

White Porch Color Scheme

Choosing a white wall and ceiling scheme on this terrace will make the room decor brighter and look wider. Combined with natural accents on this rattan chair, it will add a touch of color to this design and will create a different look every year. These two colors are complemented by some potted greenery to give freshness and a natural accent to the entire terrace. Nautical Porch from andreavanheerden.creative

Summer Farmhouse Theme

The ivory wall combined with the ivory sofa is a harmonious combination that you can apply to this summer farmhouse-style bedroom decor. Complete the two colors with the use of wooden furniture accents and some summer ornaments and a wreath of American flags to display a beautiful and serene room decor. Summer Farmhouse Living Room from rekindledsigns

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Add Greenery

The summer living room is complemented by a neutral color scheme that will give a cozy and calm feeling to the whole room. The selection of beige on the walls and sofa will provide the perfect contrast to the room. This is a simple way that you can try to give a different design each year. Don’t forget to add some greenery in the pots and vases to create a fresh and natural feel throughout this living room Greenery from

Brown Velvet Sofa

Painting the living room walls with a combination of two different colors is a favorite decoration option that you can try. Ivory wall paint combined with brown on the sofa is an elegant combination that you can try. Combine it with a touch of summer ornaments in the form of fruit patterned pillows and some green plants in pots for a room that will seem tacky. Brown Sofa from wowilovethat

Natural Beach Porch

The ivory color scheme on this patio won’t look boring. The application of ivory color to the sofa, which is equipped with a matching rattan chair and table, as well as some floral patterned pillows, will provide a unique decoration that looks contrasting. Green plants in pots are also able to provide an interesting room design for you to try. Beach Porch Decor from macheriemaison

Gray and White Wall

The walls of the summer living room that are repainted in gray and white will be an elegant combination while giving a modern and minimalist impression. Match the color of your furniture to the color of your current wall to match it more perfectly. Add some greenery in pots that will make your room design more beautiful and give a fresh feel to the whole living room this summer. Boho Summer Decor from on3rdfloor

White Walls Beach Living Room

In this beach living room you can apply white on the entire wall of the room, the rest there are splashes of blue, this will be suitable for summer decorations this year. Complete the look of this room with two beach-themed wall art for a pretty look. See, doesn’t this living room decoration look contemporary and not boring? White Wall from katenashhomes

Earth Tone Color Scheme

The combination of earth colors in this summer’s living room decor brings a more minimalist feel to the room. Don’t forget to use a pale white ceiling platform enhanced with some greenery that will give a fresh and natural feel to the whole room. This oak floor will also balance the look and will give a natural touch to the entire room. Earth Tone Color Scheme from ecoflats

Summer Bedroom

This white color and wood accents are popular for making farmhouse décor in any room scheme. It is popular for walls and furniture, perfect for bringing a light and airy feel to your home. Choosing this nautical style will also light up summer throughout the room and will give it a distinct décor. This marine ornament accent will complete the look of your home. Nautical Bedroom from mysistersgarage

Nature Touch Bedroom

Choosing this white color will give you more flexibility when combined with other neutral colors in decorating your summer farmhouse. You can choose to paint the main walls white and pair them with an oak ceiling for a different décor. This will make for a calm and warm summer bedroom decor that you need to emulate for this year’s summer decor. Summer Moderen Farmhouse from kimberly.cammarata