20 Sophisticated Mantel Decor Ideas For All Season

Nowadays, any part of a room can be design into more awesome look, included just mantel fire place. Give some accessories just like mirror, arts, or even, wallpaper to upgrade fire place decoration. Furthermore, it makes this room more comfortable to take a rest after long day work. Have chit chat will all family or just sitting in front of fire place at winter will be more adorable. See further mantel decor ideas that will be great for all season as follow.

Chinoiserie Mantel

This blue and white vase with a classic style placed on a Chinoiserie mantle can make your home decor even more beautiful. Use it to lay down some flower stalks to spice up this Chinoiserie mantle decoration. Chinoiserie Vases Planter from @vintagechicdecor

This winter coat decoration in Chinoiserie style is complemented by some traditional style ceramics for an eye-catching decoration. Using a mantle made of wood also gives a rustic touch to this fireplace design. Chinoiserie Mantel from @tommasoziffer

Modern and Playful Mantel

This Playful Pop Coat gives a pretty and stunning look. The large id painting on this mantel features a gorgeous white fireplace blend and is the perfect room contrast. Playful Pop Mantel from @waypointlivingspaces

The design of this room has a playful modern fireplace decoration. Using a large painting of pop colors and combining it with a garland of trees, this results in a beautiful and stunning decoration. Large Playful Painting from @gunnellsconcrete

Shiplap Mantel Decor

Having this coat decorated with white shiplap gives you a charming farmhouse touch for you to try. Combined with a white brick fireplace, it can produce the perfect fireplace decoration. White Shiplap Mantel from @christinamariablog

When you already applied shiplap, it is enough to upgrade the decoration. This room brings us into coastal tone that looks classic and comfy. However, take a look deeper at sparse accessories that add vintage atmosphere. Farmhouse Shiplap Mantel from @made.new.home

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Sophisticated Mantel

This neutral living room looks very elegant and comfortable. White painted walls with white furniture seem calmer to rest. Furthermore, the role of the round mirror is dramatically present to make this room bigger by reflecting light. Miror Sophisticated Mantel from @james_michael_howard

This modern, high-style mantle decoration makes the perfect focal point of the room. This fireplace is also equipped with a photo collection to produce beautiful and stylish wedding decorations. Modern High Fireplace from @newhoperemodeling

Chic Mantel Display

Don’t forget to decorate your mantle by adding a garland accent from the tassel. Buying tassels at this store will also save your budget and make decorating your coat more interesting. Tassel Mantel Decor from @modernbohocottage

This is a chic and comfortable minimalist decor with a simple design. With this fall fireplace theme, you can add large paintings and pumpkins to liven up the fall throughout the room. Fall Mantel Fireplace from @the_seasoned_home

Decorating a mantel by adding this large sign can result in a beautiful and stylish fireplace. Putting it on top of this coat will give it a chic look. Sign Mantel Decor from @thechappellresidence

Country Mantel

The autumn theme of this fireplace decoration has a design that shows the beauty of a rustic fireplace decoration. This evergreen wreath is teamed with hydrangeas and pinecones for a stunning design. Autumn Country Mantel from @alexyoungdesign

This country fireplace is equipped with wood beam cladding which will make your home design even more beautiful. This evergreen wreath and silver deer figurine complete your fireplace look. Wood Country Mantel from @f_kawdomu

A winter wreath hung over the area fireplace can cheer up the whole winter season. These warm accents will also keep you warm during the cold season. Winter Wreath Country Mantel from @grzedorinspiracje

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Dramatic Mantel with Abstract Art

Give an artistic touch to a surprising mantle fireplace. Choose abstract ones to make it look amazing. With a white mantle, this design is made to grab people’s attention and give a new vibe to living room decor. Abstract Mantel Decor from @iamrhondasteed

To create a chic wardrobe, you can accentuate an abstract pastel color painting on your mantel. Adding an abstract painting on top of this wood beam mantle results in a stunning fireplace decoration. Pastel Abstact Art from @dreamcastdesign

Make your home decoration look beautiful and stylish. Here you can add accents to a large framed abstract painting that is placed on a shelf. This will be the center of attention in your living room. Abstrac Art Frame from @ccandcompanyinteriors

Modern Farmhouse Mantel Decor

Give this modern fireplace farmhouse look with a touch of batik. Complement the mantle with rustic ornaments like windows, wooden signs and candle holders for a charming result. Modern Farmhouse Mantel from @thefrugalredhead

Rustic accessories and some greenery look great for a fireplace design. Once the mantle is made of stone, you will need to add wood elements to create a modern farmhouse mantel decor. Modern Farmhouse Fireplace from @modernfarmfam

Having a modern farmhouse fireplace mantle that added greenery on top makes for a different design. Apart from greenery, you can also add a large framed painting for a charming design. Evergreen Farmhouse Mantel from @farm_house_charm

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