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8 Sophisticated Mantel Decor Ideas For All Season

Nowadays, any part of a room can be design into more awesome look, included just mantel fire place.…

Nowadays, any part of a room can be design into more awesome look, included just mantel fire place. Give some accessories just like mirror, arts, or even, wallpaper to upgrade fire place decoration. Furthermore, it makes this room more comfortable to take a rest after long day work. Have chit chat will all family or just sitting in front of fire place at winter will be more adorable. See further mantel decor ideas that will be great for all season as follow;

Chinoiserie Mantel

Chinoiserie Mantel


Applying wallpaper give a new touch for your fire place mantel decoration. Flower pattern brings this design into more botanical atmosphere that reminds us to the beauty of nature. See! Just with simple wallpaper, we can upgrade mantel decor to look brand new.

Modern and Playful Mantel

This room design actually consist of different element that each of them stands alone. Look at screen, mirror, sconces, and mantel have their own interest. Surprisingly, they work together in one purpose to improve this room style.

Shiplap Mantel Decor

When you already applied shiplap, it is enough to upgrade the decoration. This room brings us into coastal tone that looks classic and comfy. However, take a look deeper at sparse accessories that add vintage atmosphere.

Sophisticated Mantel

This neutral room looks pure elegant and cozy. White painted wall with white furniture seems more quite to take a rest. Further, the role of black framed mirror dramatically comes to make this room larger by reflecting light.

Chic Mantel Display

This is a minimalist decor that chic and comfy with simple design. Straight line antlers give contrast pattern with the fire place which makes from bricks. Furthermore, the mirror in both side give sophisticated view.

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Country Mantel

Consist of mahogany mantel, this design shows us the beauty of country mantle decor. Look sophisticated with all elements that tie together to give focal point. Let’s copy this design for our lovely living room.

Dramatic Mantel with Abstract Art

Give a touch of art for fire place mantel is surprising. Choose the abstract one to look astounding. With dark mantel, this design made to attract people eyes and give new atmosphere of living room decoration.

Modern Farmhouse Mantel Decor

Rustic accessories and some greenery plants look awesome for mantel design. When the mantel already made form stone, you need to add wooden elements to create modern farmhouse mantel decor. Then, keep it attractive with mirror hanged over it.

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