10 Splendid Farmhouse Mirror Design Ideas To Inspire You

By | October 16, 2018
10 Splendid Farmhouse Mirror Design Ideas To Inspire You

Mirror function to reflect anything in front of it perfectly. Then, a room will look bigger than the actual size when we hang it on the wall. Moreover, using mirror to show a farmhouse decor is a great decision. With various architectural features, mirror will upgrade your room style. Here are 10 farmhouse mirror ideas to inspire you;

Thrifty Pretty DIY Driftwood Mirror

Collect some woods in different size as needed based on how big your mirror will be. Make the circle using Gorilla Glue to make it stronger. Layer the circle till it the shape look like a sun. Let it dry for some hours and hang on the wall.

Simple Mirror with a Hanging Wreath

To make your room look fresh, it will be better for you to apply a simple wreath. Rather than hang it on the wall or door, the wreath can be an attractive ornament for your simple farmhouse mirror. It seems like you live in a country with natural design.

Softly Finished Mirror

Finials come as a new feature for your farmhouse mirror decoration. This ornament brings this room into more vintage look. Get ready to see how wonderful your bathroom by applying this softly finished mirror as the decoration.

Weathered Old Door with Mirror Glass

How about turning your old door into a rustic mirror glass? This design is so awesome to be placed at your bedroom. Paint it in white to bring classic mirror style. Actually, it can be made easily as a project this week.

Mirror with Sliding Doors

This is a unique mirror for your bathroom. Rather than hanging a mirror on the wall, sliding door can be one of the options to use. You need to be careful while opening and or closing the door. This is an awesome design.

 Vintage Hand Mirrors on the Wall

Hand mirror can be a beautiful design for your bathroom. Instead of using big mirror, this two hand mirrors give you a different look. One hand mirror will be for you and the lower one for your kids. Here is a simple and fresh decoration with low budget only.

Dual Vanity Sink Mirrors

These two sink mirrors work well for an urban farmhouse decoration. With some lamps hang next to the mirror, this room will look bright at night. Then, white painting makes this bathroom look larger than the real size.

Old Barn Shutter with Mirror

This rustic farmhouse mirror brings a vintage bathroom style. The hooks help you to hang some towels or cloths when you come to the room. With wood frame, this mirror reminds you to classic era which is calm and simple.

Simple Circular Mirror

With a mirror hanged over the fire place, the living room looks so catchy. It reflects the room decoration and creates larger illusion. Apply this for your living room to a brighter condition.

Weathered Wood Circular Mirror

Weathered wood circular mirror on the bathroom create an elegant look. With three lamps hang on the wall, this decoration comes with more aesthetic value. Enjoy each time seeing the reflection of you.





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