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8 Small Indoor Garden Ideas for Fascinating Room Design

For people who live in a small apartment or house, having a garden is only on their dream. The best…

For people who live in a small apartment or house, having a garden is only on their dream. The best way to have plants is only by creating indoor garden. Exploring each empty space as an indoor garden can improve your room decoration. Just get ready to prepare some pebbles, pots, or stones that usually used to create small indoor garden. Look at these eight small indoor garden ideas;

Hanging Flower Indoor Garden

Hanging Flower Indoor Garden


Filling a small aisle on a house may become the best place to create indoor garden. Hang some flowers will make it more captivating. Some succulents make perfectly add wonderful feature. Let the wall in white for admirable room design.

Garden by the Window

When the plants need more sunlight and have enough soil, putting them by the window will be the best decision. It makes room fresh and pretty. The natural plants will grow up with low maintenance.

Garden below Staircase

Modern interior deals with putting indoor garden to improve home decoration. Natural feature and fresh air bring the house looks dazzling. Under staircase is the most favorite place to create indoor garden with various plants.

Hallway Indoor Garden

Instead of putting some cabinets, planting indoor garden looks better for this hallway. Even, big trees can be part of it. Add a touch of mirror reflect the beauty of natural indoor garden perfectly. Put them next to glass window to get enough sun light.

Stone Garden Mix

A Japanese indoor garden also may be implemented in a modern house style. It comes with big stone and grass with simple trees. Look fresh for a room though in little space. Don’t forget to add pebbles as well.

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Corner Indoor Garden

Don’t let corner side room empty. Put some plants to make it look fresh and cozy. Cactus in a big pot or others green plants may look better. Let it be one the fresh air sources for whole room. Make sure all pants get enough sun light.

Green Walls

For a modern house in urban area, planting green walls is a must. When no more space indoor or outdoor, green wall comes with its statement as the solution for having indoor garden.

Bathroom with Garden

Some plants for bathroom look fresh and natural. It seems like in a lake with green plants anywhere. Here, feel free to have green plants for more attractive bathroom design.

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