8 Spice Rack Ideas to Gain Clutter-Free Look Of Your Kitchen

We use lots of material and types of equipment in the kitchen and hence to see the messy collection of things in a kitchen is a general and common affair. We mostly see the spice jars scattered in the kitchen which we often need in our kitchen to cook the food! So, your spice jars should be organized well and should provide a great ease of pick so you can easily cook food without any trouble of finding the spice jars! To solve this issue you can simply opt for some spice racks that will help organize and display your spice jars nicely. Check out these 8 spice rack ideas to gain clutter-free look of your kitchen below to inspire you.

1. Chalkboard Spice Cabinet


Build your own fantastic spice racks to help you organize your kitchen. In the picture above, you can see a spice cabinet that is dual functional due to having a chalkboard front door that has been hinged in place. The custom wooden boards have been put together to this spice cabinet and the construction has been started by building a rectangular frame and then the shelves have been installed! Extra wooden dowel supports or fences will not let the spice jar fall off and they also bring great visual details to the entire cabinet! A door of the cabinet is also made of custom wooden boards while the chalkboard back panel has been made with plywood.

2. Test Tube Spice Rack


A lovely test tube spice rack is something super easy to make! Grab a piece or length of wood and drill holes in it to fit the test tube in and make sure that holes are equally spaced. Fill the test tubes with spices and then add wooden corks in their openings.

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3. Wood Spice Rack


Target the doors of the wall hanging cabinets to hang some wooden spice racks or cabinets there that will be hidden and this will also be a way to keep your spice jars dust free. A wooden dowel and custom wooden pieces have been put together to make two wood spice racks that have installed to the inside of the kitchen cabinet door.

4. $1 Spice Racks


The metal cooling racks have been brought to an L-shape first and then has been turned into a holding basket that makes a perfect spice rack.

5. Spice Shelves


This spice shelves are made of wood and have been fitted in the wood by cutting them out the market area of the wall out.

6. Framed Magnetic Chalkboard Spice Rack


The spice jars come with magnetic lids that can be mounted on the magnetic board that hangs on the wall and has been painted with chalkboard paint. Grab a piece of plywood and cover it up with the metallic duct, next chalk paint it and also frame it up nicely using an old accent frame, mount the magnets on the jar lids and next just mount your jars on the magnetic boards! Don’t forget to write the names of the spices on the board.

7. Functional DIY Tiered Spice Rack


Put together the thicker looking wooden lengths together making the beautiful stairs and this would be your step style spice rack.

8. Rustic Wall Mounted Spice Rack


The IKEA beckvam shelves have been covered from front side using metal hardware cloth and finally has been finished with black spray paint. A custom letters have been burned in the scrap wood pieces to make the enticing labels for the spice rack.


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