8 Inspiring Ways to Makeover Your Flea Market Finds

Having the same furniture all the time can be a bit boring. All you need is give your furniture a new look to create a home interior that you love. There are many things that you can do to upgrade your new or even an old furniture. Let’s makeover your flea market finds and vintage treasures into one-of-a-kind pieces for your home with these 8 inspiring ways below. It’s amazing what castoffs and secondhand scores can become!

1. Pillow Sack


Cut sections of old feedsacks to fit a pillow form. Sew the front and back pieces together, stuff in the form, and stitch the opening closed.

2. Mantel Headboard


Fill the firebox opening with an upholstered cushion for extra comfort, and use the top of the surround for displaying favorite finds. Be sure to use the appropriate hardware for securing the heavy mantel to the wall.

3. Hang Your Hat and Coat


Give your old bookcase or china hutch a new purpose as an entryway organizer. Give them a fresh paint job, added wallpaper along the back, installed hooks, and added a shelf for extra storage.

4. Garden Table


Place a glass top on a vintage plant stand for a brand-new accent table. Don’t forget to secure the glass to the stand using glass adhesive, and use the basket of the planter to display moss orbs or other natural finds.

5. Doily Runner


Hand-stitch vintage cotton doilies together to create a free-form table runner. For extra personalization, first dye the doilies.

6. Cart It Away


Add a flea market vibe with an old chicken coop, four casters and a sheet of glass. Screw the casters to the bottom and crown the cart with the glass top. Use the inside of the cage to display collectibles such as pottery, fabric, or old books.

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7. Tiered Tins


Colorful and thoroughly vintage, old tins are perfect for storing craft supplies and more in style.

8. On a Roll


Scope out old dresser drawers to re-purpose as another kind of bedroom storage by attaching casters to the bottoms of the drawers, you’ll have a set of under-bed storage units, making the space beneath the bed good for more than just dust bunnies.

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