25 Low Maintenance Indoor Succulent Garden Ideas for Winter

You are able to also see Vintage Garden Designs in case you have limited space and backyard gardening isn’t possible in your field of residence, you can want to use rustic pots for your succulents. Below, you will find a huge assortment of photos and ideas to pick from. It can be an enjoyable project to begin at home.

Most perennials can be split in late winter or early spring so you’re able to start off with a little garden and expand through the years. Gardening is something which can be accomplished anytime of year, wherever your home is! In winter, as soon as the plants are dormant, they need to be watered even less often.

This small succulent planted in a small pot is one of the best winter home decorating inspirations that you can do right now. Don’t let the part of the pot that is used look plain and boring, now you can repaint it with two color combinations such as brown and white that will blend perfectly. Then just place it in an area that is often visited by your guests or family so that it can be made as a different view that can bring the feel of the garden into the room instantly. This succulent plant can continue to grow when placed indoors or outdoors, so it is highly recommended to try it now. Small Succulent Planter from @succulentbar

Perfect for indoor spaces in any season of the year. The design of this succulent planter pot has a textured surface which is dominated by white ceramic material so it looks quite elegant and modern. In this planter pot you can use or plant succulents with several different types so that they can grow well together. Each type of succulent also has a different color so it looks more attractive. Setting up a succulent garden in this room can be done well and easily so that it can give a fresh feel to the area around it. Modern Textured Planter Ideas from @bethbrowninteriors

Do you have driftwood that is no longer in use? If you have it, you can turn it into a succulent planter that can be used as an additional winter decoration this year. You don’t need to repaint these driftwoods, just let them appear natural and rustic. Furthermore, to fill this driftwood section you can use several types of indoor succulents in the same container so that it will give additional color to the room instantly. Place it in a strategic area visited by your guests to make it a different view, you can try it right now. Natural Driftwood Planter Design from @medelisefour

Indoor succulents that are placed in a room with quite a lot of this you can put together in the same area. For example, you can put it on a console table that has been painted in plain white. In this way, the existence of this console table can be used as the focal point of the room that brings the nuances of nature into the room instantly. Here you don’t need to do too much care, because you just need to water regularly, if you flush too often then this plant will rot easily, the entry of sunlight into the room also helps the development of this indoor plant. Succulent Planter Display Ideas from @diyjojo

A succulent plant in this room becomes a new focal point when you place it on a console table with a blank and boring surface. Here you can use a painted pot design that can be perfected with an elegant cactus painting. This well-developed cactus plant fills the surface of the pot making it look very eye-catching. Just do the fertilizer and watering with a predetermined period of time so that these indoor plants can continue to develop properly and optimally. Get succulents in your backyard garden without having to buy them again. Succulent Pot for Console Table from @emilyjeanrosser

Clay pots have always been a suitable planter choice when applied indoors or outdoors. For now, you can try it as a succulent planter pot that can be placed indoors or rather on an ottoman coffee table that is usually used when winter arrives. Succulents are one type of indoor plant that has low maintenance so it is perfect for those of you who are very busy in their daily lives. Combine the presence of this succulent pot with a few throw pillows around it so that it adds a warm impression to the room around it. Succulent Ideas with Clay Pot from mycozyhomeandcoffee

If you want to include a plant in the house to freshen the air in the house in winter, the use of succulents is the right idea. Besides not needing to use a lot of succulent media, it is also very easy to care for, you don’t need to water it every day. To make variations in the appearance of succulents as decorations for this room, you can combine several types of succulents in one place or pot. The combination of several types of succulents will produce an attractive color combination display and make your winter more festive. Succulent Floor Display Decoration from @mycozyhomeandcoffee

One type of indoor plant that is highly recommended to try when winter arrives is the succulent with the snake plant. The two make for a blend of plants that will work well together. Just put it right in the area of ​​the pallet shelves that are hung on one of the empty walls. The wooden pallet used has a fairly dark color so that the presence of this indoor plant can be seen more clearly and is ready to be made as a statement room. Here you can choose the type of succulent that can grow to be longer so that when placed in a higher area it will look more attractive. Succulents for Bookshelves from @garden_of_jeden

Reuse the old pots in your home as planter ideas for indoor plants that you can make as windowsill decorations this year. This idea is perfect for use when winter arrives. The main advantage of this indoor succulent plant is that it can be used throughout any season, including the current winter. The two pots used also have different materials and colors so that they show a more attractive variety of decorations. Move the succulents in your garden into the room using the planter pots you currently have. Succulent Windowsill Decoration from @battilanabelinda

Succulents are one type of indoor plant that does not require much care. All you need to do here is move it to the pot that you already have at home so it can be easily brought into the room. But it’s good when your pot is still plain then do the painting or painting it with the best pattern you can try. Additional cute ornaments such as mini cats are also a new inspiration that you can apply to this pot, you can put succulent pots in the windowsill area along with other types of indoor plants so as to give a statement of natural vibes that attracts more attention. Succulent Plant with Painting Pot from beautybystarlet

Welcome winter this year by using a succulent centerpiece decoration that will make all your guests who see it more attractive. Here you can use several types of succulents to make it look more varied and not boring. Not only succulents, but you can combine them with candle pillars and some blooming flowers as additional colors that make this dining table area look brighter. Also use pots with different looks, colors and sizes, also adjust to the use of succulent centerpieces that you are currently using so that they can work together better and maximally. Succulent Centerpiece Decoration from @cindy_k_brown

This shiny gold-colored tray has an oval shape that you can reuse as an area to display several types of indoor succulents that you place on a console table in the entryway area. Here you can also use three vintage patterned glasses that you can turn into a planter pot of this succulent plant. The small size is in harmony with the plants to be planted. This way, you can easily move it to any room area of the house and just place it in areas that need this succulent decoration. The candlestick beside the display tray emphasizes the touch of winter. Vintage Glass Succulent Planter from @annitaduffizi

You can place this mini planter filled with indoor succulents on an oval-shaped tray so that it can be moved to any area of the room easily. What you can consider here is the use of the color of the succulent pot that is used, white and blue to be a combination that suits a touch of winter this year. Place all the succulent planters in the same area so that they can look bolder and of course become an indoor garden background that brings a natural feel. The entry of sunlight into the room makes this indoor plant more perfect, you can try it right now. Succulent Tray Display from @my_beesknees_lavender_cottage_

Not only putting the succulent planter on the table, for a different look you can hang it using a sturdy rope to the ceiling of the room in your house. Another thing you can pay attention to is using a pot with a triangle shape with a choice of ceramic materials so that it looks quite modern and will never go out of style. Just use and plant succulents with types that can grow longer so that when they are hung they will look more charming. The rope at the four corners of this pot will be sturdy enough to be used all year round. Modern Style Triangle Planter from @botanicalsmh

This clay pot design repainted with a fun face pattern is one of the best succulent planting containers that you can choose to welcome this year’s winter with joy. Then just use it to plant succulent bubbles that have a small round shape in quite a lot. Just do the painting while painting this pot yourself to save more on your budget. Adjust the design of the planter pot with what you think, this succulent plant also has a fairly low maintenance so it doesn’t make you feel more complicated and busy. You can try it right now. Fun Look Succulent Planter from @losing_for_health

Who says succulents that are applied indoors can’t develop properly and optimally? Look at this type of succulent with the appearance of this natural and elegant clay pot, isn’t it very charming and grows well? Try this indoor succulent as an additional winter decoration that you can make as a windowsill decoration this year. Do watering and fertilizing with a predetermined period of time so that the treatment you can do is very neatly scheduled. Try to apply this type of indoor succulent plant to more than one type. Grow Up Succulent Plant Ideas from @hazelsminigarden

These succulent pots with different sizes and appearances can be placed simultaneously in the floating DIY shelves that you have. In this way, the built-in wall shelves are ready to be used as a new focal point for decorating your home. The succulent plants that are used must also be different and you can adjust the size to the planter pots that you currently have. Repainting the pot with a choice of bright and dark colors is a combination that will never fail when applied in the same area. Doesn’t it look attractive and suitable for early winter greetings this year. Different Sized Succulent Plant Display from @wrightway_fam

Although succulent plants have a simple appearance, you can display them with a more luxurious and eye-catching design. What you can do here is plant a succulent using several mini pots made of textured ceramic material. Just get these pots at the nearest craft store in different sizes and patterns. After all these ceramic pots have been filled with indoor succulent plants, you can place them neatly in the windowsill area so that the natural decorations of these plants can get the reflection of sunlight even if only a little. Ceramic Succulent Windowsill Ideas from @theverdantgal

You can use this long and wide tray as a centerpiece decoration that can be placed on the dining table area that is currently being used. In this planter tray you can plant three to four different types of succulents so that they look more varied and attract attention. What you can do here is do watering with a predetermined period of time, of course you don’t water it too often so it doesn’t rot easily when used as indoor decorations for a long time. Just try it easily and cheaply when winter comes. Indoor Succulent Tray Centerpiece from @paisleygardens1

Some of the old cups that you have can be reused as succulent planting pots because they are quite small in size. The planter cups used have several splashes of different colors and patterns, making the display of the floating shelves more colorful and not boring easily. In addition to succulent planter cups, you can also use clay pots as a complement which can be found at the nearest craft store at a price that is not too expensive. Arrange all these succulent planter pots on the shelves in a neat and orderly arrangement. Vintage Look Succulent Pots for Shelves Decor from @msaliburdon

The natural vibes in the console table area in the living room can be perfected with indoor green plants that you can move from the garden to the indoor. The first thing you can do right now is find a pot with the right design and size. For succulent plants, you only need to use a pot with a mini size. Furthermore, when you use indoor plants with large sizes, the use of pots must also be large and wide. These two types of plants will work well together to welcome the winter theme in a simple but still fun way. Natural Vibes Console Table Decoration from @laryssaquartermaine

Not only placed in the table area that you use in your home. For now you can try another way to hang it to the ceiling using a very sturdy rope. Here you can use a succulent terrarium with transparent glass material so that it can be seen clearly from the surface of this terrarium. Soil is one of the recommended planting media to try, because it is easy to find around your house in large and abundant quantities. Succulents are one of the low-maintenance indoor plants. Hanging Succulent Terrarium from @justasucculentlife

Choose and use three mini pots of the same color, size and shape to be used as planter pots of succulent indoor plants that you use as winter decorations this year. You can fill these three planters with three different types of succulents for a more varied and not monotonous appearance. The right layout and you can try is in the window sill area that is still empty so that it can be used as a decoration indoors or outdoors because it can be seen from the transparent glass window that you are currently using. Stone is a planting medium that you can arrange on the upper surface for a more attractive, elegant and never out of date appearance. Square Shaped Succulent Windowsill Ideas from @lilplantboss

Take a look at this succulent planter pot with a shiny gold color, doesn’t it have a luxurious design and is suitable for modern or vintage style winter home decorations. In this gold pot you can plant only one type of succulent so that it can grow more optimally and quickly. You can try it right now. After it has been planted in your way, then place it in the glass window area as one of the room decorations that is easy to make yourself. Just get this succulent plant in the backyard garden without having to buy it so it saves more on your budget. Gold Touches Succulent Planter from @plantaddict_desiintassie

If you have a succulent planter pot with a plain white color then just do the painting and paint again with the pattern you want. For now, you can try the skull pattern with a mix of colorful paint so that it doesn’t look too scary. Red, pink, purple and yellow are the color combinations that are highly recommended to try on this skull pattern. Succulent plants are one type of indoor plant that does not require a lot of care so it is suitable for those of you who are busy all day long. Then you can put it on an empty wooden table. Colorful Skull Planter for Succulent Ideas from @notanotherplantig

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Hens and Chicks being the absolute most poplar one are extremely colourful and project an exact exotic flower like image. Once established, your forest garden will probably create huge quantities of biomass. The Panda plant has a little stature that makes it a superior option if you should squeeze a plant into a more compact location or just a planter.

Then map out how you would like to arrange the plants. Planting flowers and herbs is a conventional spring activity, even if you’re a novice gardener. Watering your bonsai correctly is the main skill to master to make sure a wholesome plant.

They are one of my favorite perennials and while there are a few that are finicky there are many that are reliable and very easy to care for. Your succulent garden is currently finished! When you are prepared for planting and have chosen your plant, you’ll need to understand how to plant an outdoor succulent garden.

The garden includes a mixture of hen and chicks, as well as two or three sedums. Apart from that, your garden just needs a lot of sunlight. You can also make a backyard succulent garden if you have sufficient space in your residence.

From time to time, you are going to be surprised by a mild winter and plants that may choose the cold. In the summertime, you’ll need to water more frequently than in the winter, particularly if your plant is in a south window. All free-standing tropical plants ought to be covered if there’s a danger of a hard freeze.


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