20 Decorating Your House with Succulents? No Problem!

Do you wish to introduce some greeneries in your home, but are afraid you’ll kill them? Then you should embrace the magic of succulents. Succulent plants are way stronger than common greeneries. They are stiff and pest resistant. Not to mention that they only need small treatment as well as light. Whether they are potted or styled into a terrarium, below are some ideas of how to incorporate succulent plants in your house.

In Ombre Pots

Succulent plants blend well with white background. This is a great opportunity to introduce such a plant in your home office or living space if you use a white color scheme. Buy several ombre pots of different colors to steal the view. Place them together in one place where you and everyone else can enjoy.

Fresh home decor with succulent plants will never fail. Choose an ombre pot to plant your succulents in so that they catch everyone’s attention. This DIY is easy for you to make and will make for an amazing room decor. choosing a pot of concrete will give an attractive appearance. Ombre concret poted from shelterness.

Growing a succulent in an ombre pot will make it look absolutely gorgeous. You can use it to decorate your home office so that it will attract attention. Making your own will boost your creativity on a low budget. Opting for this blue and white color makes for the perfect look. Ombre pot succulent from shelterness.

Ceramic pots are painted with a combination of yellow and white so that the idea of growing succulents looks creative. You can put it on your desk to create a freshness that makes your mind fresher. Adding this gold stone will make the room decoration perfect and steal the attention of many people. Yellow and white ombre potted from shelterness.

Try adding green plants in an ombre pot to beautify your home office decor. You can choose succulent plants because they are smaller and still beautiful so they don’t take up much space. Making your own in dark blue, light blue and white this makes for a perfect and attractive room decor. Place it on the floor of your house to complete the look of your home decor. Ombre pot from shelterness.

To create freshness in your home, adding greenery is the right idea. Try using ombre pots and succulent plants to decorate your home office to make it look nicer. You can paint your own blue and white for a stunning decoration result. Adding these succulent plants makes for a stunning decor. Blue ombre potted from shelterness.


Magnetic Glass Jars

When all tabletops are full of stuff, the bare walls are happy to receive some decorations. Why don’t you use the space to attach some magnetic glass jars? Fill them with succulents. They will make white or black walls pop. Plus, you can easily move them around wherever you want.

Using a glass mason jar magnet with succulent plants attached to the wall for your home office decoration ideas will look attractive and don’t take up much space. Adding a string to the lip of this jar will make the room decoration perfect and steal the attention of many people. Place it on your home table for maximum results. Glass masson jar from familyhandyman.

When you want to decorate your home with plants, try using succulent plants. You can use a mason jar from a magnetic glass jar to plant succulents and then stick them on the wall for a clear view. It will be a perfect and inexpensive room decoration. Using wood panels for this stand gives it a stylish design. Magnetic glass jar from shelterness.

Using magnetic glass jars to grow succulents will make them look attractive. You can stick it on the wall of your house to attract attention. Adding a string to hang this jar is a brilliant idea for you to try. Ideas with decorative stones and succulents for the perfect room decor result. Hanging magnetic potted from thegardenglove.

This hanging planter project is recycled, which makes it cool modern and takes a touch of the past. This DIY will boost your creativity and give a stunning room design. Using this macram hanger also produces an interesting room design for you to try. DIY magnetic glass jar from thegardenglove.

Make your home can inspire many people. Try using magnetic glass jars to grow succulents, then place them on your home table and it will look simple and very stunning. Adding succulents, moss and decorative stones will make a unique display and steal the attention of many people. Magnetic glass jar succulent from makingitinthemountains.

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Hanging Terrarium

Succulent plants are easily styled into a terrarium. When placing a terrarium on the floor, table, and walls are unlikely, hanging them is an alternative. Those plants don’t need much treatment anyway. So you can leave them anywhere you want. As long as they have access to even the smallest amount of light. You also want it to be hung somewhere that ease you to control them. Buy a hanging globe and arrange your dream terrarium. With only some soil and plants on, you’re done.

If you want to decorate your home, try adding a succulent plant there because it will look beautiful and will not take up much space. You can plant it with a hanging terrarium to make it look more modern. Hanging it near the window will present a stylish and attractive room design. Hanging window succulent from thesprucecrafts.

You can hang a terrarium with succulent plants in your home to give it a natural beauty. Just hang it where you want and your decoration will look very simple and attractive. With this geometric shape, it will make the room decoration unique and steal the attention of many people. Choosing this succulent plant will be low maintenance and the cheapest price. Geometric succulent planter from thesprucecrafts.

Adding plants to your home will naturally bring freshness. You can hang it in the corner of your house so it doesn’t interfere with work and still gives beauty. This DIY is easy for you to make and definitely low on budget. This plant does not require much maintenance so it is suitable for you to apply to your home decor. Hangging succulent planter from thesprucecrafts.

Using this waterdrop shaped terrarium is your hanging office decoration idea is an idea that never fails. Terrarium will bring freshness and charming appearance in your bathroom. Place it over the tub for an eye-catching décor and the perfect focal point of the room. Waterdrop shaped terrarium from decorpad.

Hanging terrarium with sculent plants will give beauty and freshness to your home office. Just hang it on your table so that it will provide perfect freshness. Choosing a geometric shaped container with gold accents will make your room decor more stylish and will steal the attention of many people. Hanging terrarium from loveandlavender.

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Succulent Door

Table? Done. Walls? Done. What about the door? Yes, I’ve said it. Your front door can be a place to hang the plants. Thinking of an idea to style them? Think about a wreath. I know that it can be too soon for that seasonal décor. But it means having wreath year-round is likely, right? Using floral wire, attach your succulents on those entwined bundled of twigs. Use ribbons to finish the look.

Decorating the door of your house will make it look more attractive. You can make a wreath of succulents and twigs to make it look more natural. Choosing materials from twigs and the words “HELLO” will greet your guests with a cheerful feeling. These DIY ideas are easy for you to try and will give you the perfect look. Wreath succulents and twigs from goodhousekeeping.

A succulent wreath hung with a gold ribbon on your home office door will beautify your décor so that it looks more perfect. You can make it yourself to create a unique room decoration and steal the attention of many people. This door decoration looks simple and gives a unique look all year round. Succulent wreath from southernliving.

DIY wreaths made of succulent plants and twigs to decorate the door of your house look very beautiful. You can add ribbon to the wreath to make it look even better. With this you will have a perfect door decoration and steal the attention of many people. DIY succulent wreath from goodhousekeeping.

You can make a wreath of succulent plant material and twigs to decorate your home office door. Then add a ribbon to hang it to make it look more perfect. Placing it on the front door of this house will welcome your guests with a cheerful feeling and fresh air. Hanging wreath succulent from bhg.

Bouquets made of succulent plant material and twigs look fresh and attractive. You can add a ribbon and hang it on your home office door so it will enhance your decor and will inspire. Choosing the letter H shape in this succulent wreath will create an attractive door design and steal the attention of many people. Latters weath succulent from homestoriesatoz.

Sounds easy? That’s the idea.

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