Pick These Succulent Types for Your Amazing Mini Garden

Succulent gardening is an amusing hobby, especially for those who are so busy and don’t have much time to take care of plants. You can choose the succulents you desire because you don’t need to water them often.

In addition, succulent color and type are diverse. The following are the types of succulent that will make your life more alive.

1. Succulent Pink Moonstone

You can pick Pink Moonstone to give colors to your day. This succulent only grows to a size of less than 15 cm.

Pink Moonstone comes in striking colors like red to natural green. If you are lucky, you can enjoy the beauty of star-shaped flowers with pink colors that are so charming—perfect to beautify your mini garden.

Pink Moonstone offers pink leaves that range to lavender blue as well. Its fleshy leaves are covered with white or silvery downy hairs, this is one of the best pink succulents. Combining with some other succulent plants will give an attractive garden appearance and will steal the attention of many people. Pink moonstone plants from balconygardenweb.

One type of plant that is suitable for you to grow indoors is the succulent pink moonstone. With this mini plant your room will look more beautiful. You can use a black plastic pot to give it an attractive appearance and grab the attention of many people. You can enjoy the beauty of star-shaped flowers with a very charming pink color. Succulent pink moonstone from housebeautiful.

Moonstone is also known as sugaralmond plant, belongs to the genus Pachyphytum. It is ideal for very dry conditions as it stores water in its leaves. That is why you should choose this plant because of its low maintenance. If you are lucky, it is perfect for beautifying your mini garden. Moonstone succulent from deavita.

The pink succulent moonstone is the perfect plant for you to use in the hall. Because this plant has a very small and cute size. You can plant it in a white ceramic pot to create an interesting garden decoration for you to try. Pink succulent moonstone from bhg.

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2. Succulent Echeveria minima

Another option for succulent gardening is the Ecevera minima. The appearance of this succulent plant is so stunning with leaves that accumulate and rise open to the top. 

Very small in size,  Ecevera minima plant also has a distinctive color—the dark green with a reddish tinge on the tips of its leaves.

One of the reasons why echeveria is the most favorite succulent is because it has a distinctive color that is dark green with a reddish tinge at the tip. Therefore you should use this succulent as a room decorator. Planting it in a black ceramic pot gives a stunning appearance and steals the attention of many people. Everia minima succulent from hgtv.

This hanging basket from sedum comes with fresh Echeveria minima. Combining it with several other types of succulents will provide an interesting garden design for you to try. It provides a fresh garden décor and provides the perfect focal point. Hanging basket succulent ecevera minima from hgtv.

With leaves that pile up and rise to the top, this Echeveria minima succulent looks absolutely stunning and is perfect for indoor use. With this succulent will make your room look beautiful. Planting in this hanging pot presents a perfect garden design and steals the attention of many people. Minima succulent from hgtv.

Having a mini garden that uses Echeveria minima succulents to be the focal point in a mini garden is a brilliant idea. Because with Echeveria minima succulent mini garden you will get the perfect place. Become a perfect room decoration and steal the attention of many people. Echeveria minima succulents from deavita.

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3. Zebra Succulent

Want to pick a unique-shaped succulent? Pick this one. This succulent plant has firm lines resembling zebra motifs. Zebra succulents can bring up a beautiful yellow flower at certain times.

For those of you who like succulent plants to be used as decorations in the room, you can use succulents like in the picture above. With a uniquely shaped succulent and a zebra pattern, this can make your room look extraordinary. Using this vintage pot will make your home design more stylish and will become the perfect focal point of the room. Zebra succulent and vintage poted from balconygardenweb.

Succulents that have a zebra-like motif will make your room look beautiful. This dwarf succulent exhibits a rosette of short, stocky, firm green leaves that turn yellow-red under pressure, with raised white spots. Succulents that have a zebra-like motif will make your room look beautiful. Zebra succulent plants from balconygardenweb.

If you create a mini garden with succulent plants, don’t forget to add a succulent zebra. Because with a mini succulent zebra garden you will have a more attractive focal point. Planting in these tall terracotta pots will produce an attractive garden design and will steal the attention of many people. Place this plant in your garden and you can combine it with some other greenery. Mini garden with zebra succulent from balconygardenweb.

Having a unique motif like a zebra, this succulent is perfect for you to decorate your room with. Because with this succulent your room will look attractive. Nodding the white ceramic pot and placing it on the living room table will present a perfect room design and will steal the attention of many people. Zebra succulent from balconygardenweb.

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4. Succulent Panda

Do you love pandas? Succulent pandas have fine hair covering the entire surface of the leaves. In addition, on the side of the leaf edge, there are brown patches that make this succulent to be called a panda.

Having fine fur that covers the entire leaf and brown leaf edges, this panda succulent is one of my favorite succulents. Therefore you should use this succulent as a room decorator. Using ceramic pots with this unique shape gives an attractive appearance for you to try. Succulent panda plants from thespruce.

The succulent panda is a plant that is suitable for indoor decoration. Likewise in the picture above that planting succulents in pots of soil will make the succulents look more elegant. it will be the perfect focal point of the garden and will steal the attention of many. Succulent plants from thegardeningcook.

One of my favorite succulent plants is the panda succulent. Because this succulent has a unique texture and shape, so it can make people who see it become interested. You can plant in red ceramic pots combined with several other succulents for a small garden decoration idea that is fresh and looks more attractive. Succulent panda plants from thespruce.

Picking this kind of succulent is a great choice. With its small and delicate shape (besides its adorable appearance), you can place it anywhere, even in the crowded place with people and children.
Limited space is the main obstacle felt by most urban communities. However, you can apply many ideas to create cool shades in residence by succulent gardening. The four types of succulents above can be your choices to make your days more colorful and meaningful.

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