8 Beautiful Blooming Houseplants to Pick for Your Home

Having blooming houseplants are another great ideas to add beauty of nature inside the house, especially if they have good fragrance. But you need to know how to take care of your plants, so they will grow well at home. For example, never tip tea and coffee into plant containers especially if it contain of sugar. The sugar left in the compost make it an ideal breeding ground for flies.

One of the most common causes of plant death is over-watering, so don’t. Your plants need water, light and warmth to survive, so make sure that they got it well. Now check out these 8 beautiful blooming houseplants to pick for your home below to inspire you.

1. African Violet


African violets are easy to grow and they bloom year-round with little effort. African violet likes warm conditions and filtered sunlight. Avoid getting water on the fuzzy leaves; cold water causes unsightly brown spots.

2. Hibiscus


To create a touch of the tropics, Tropical hibiscus is the ultimate one. Keep the soil uniformly moist and give the plant as much indoor light as possible to keep it blooming.

3. Flowering Maple


Grow the plant upright as a tree, prune it back to keep it shrubby, or even grow it in a hanging basket. Its common name comes from the leaves, which resemble those of a maple tree.

4. Oxalis


Oxalis grows from small bulbils in the soil; you can divide these any time the plant becomes crowded in its pot.

5. Peace Lily


Peace lily is an easy-care plant that tolerates low light and low humidity. Flowers consist of a showy spoon-shape white spathe and spike of creamy white flowers.The glossy, lance-shape leaves are attractive even when the plant has no blooms.

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6. Anthurium


Anthuriums bloom in festive shades of pink, red, lavender, or white, and last for two months or more and they also make a long-lasting cut flower if you can bear to cut them. They needs medium to bright light to bloom well, but can be grown as a foliage plant with less light.

7. Jasmine


There are many types of jasmine. Many-flowered jasmine (J. polyanthum, pictured), and Arabian jasmine (J. sambac) are two of the easiest to grow. Just give them plenty of light and moisture and they ready to beautify your space. They’ll all bear fragrant pink to white blooms on vining plants.

8. Kaffir Lily


Kaffir Lily is extra easy to grow and the flowers brighten up January days when there’s not a lot else in bloom.

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