8 Photos That Prove Kokedama is the Best Plant Right Now

The Japanese word kokedama translates to English as “moss ball”. This simplicity is the very essence of this elegant garden art form. Kokedama is a type of kusamono-an ornamental planting meant to be displayed on its own. Essentially, kokedama is a ball of mud covered in moss and planted with a single or multiple specimens. It is either suspended from string, mounted to a piece if driftwood or bark, or set in a shallow dish.

A collection of more than one hanging kokedama has come to be known as a Japanese string garden. These space-efficient, whimsical hanging gardens are easy to create and care for, and they make a stunning living art piece for your home. Now check out these 8 photos that prove kokedama is the best plant below to inspire you.

1. Sweet and Simple kokedama

Perfectly sweet and simply understated, this kokedama belongs on a tablescape surrounded by minimal decor, great food, and lots of laughter.

2. Cute


The kokedama looks so cute framed in natural wood. Multi-dimensional artwork is a great way to impress your guests and look like a design star and this look is totally affordable!

3. Kokedama Stands Out Against Greenhouse Counterparts

Leave your planted orb in its natural habitat. Surrounded by like plants and good lighting, kokedama is sure to shine. The ability of kokedama to hang takes up no precious windowsill space and allows you to collect as many as you want!

4. Flowers Add a Colorful Touch

These blooming beauties add a wonderful sense of joy to the room and their matching bases tie it all together. Rain or shine, these will brighten up your day.

5. Friendly Faces

Figurines are always welcome in kokedama and thanks to the rise of fairy gardens, small hand-painted characters are easy to come across.

6. Blooming Beauty

Use pins and lots of patience when assembling something of this nature. Make sure you have a great place to display your garden work where everyone can admire!

7. More Than One

Supply the moss, plants, and twine and get to work. When you’re all done, line up the fruits of your labor for a stunning photo shoot.

8. Layers

Get creative with your kokedama. This unique succulent is visually interesting and would look great in any room. Spend some time in the greenhouse before settling on a leafy friend.

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