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8 Most Common Roof Styles That You Should Know

Roof is the part of house building that can be seen from far away. It plays role to save the house …

The roof is the part of the house building that can be seen from far away. It plays a role to save the house from water. However, the roof also takes a part in affecting house design. The roof shape will improve the house building look too.

The Skillion Roof

The Skillion Roof


The folks at Lidoran from Brisbane, Australia have found that people who use a skillion roof usually combine it with other types of roofs. The shape is like one half of a triangle roof or just a flat roof. Further, a skillion roof is used for one portion of the house that is single sloping and good to apply for the multi-level house structure.

The Sloping Roof

When you live in an area which rain comes more often, this is the best roof for you. It will not allow water accumulate a t the top. Though most common resident apply this roof, this roof still look awesome and chic.

The Flat Roof

This is an extremely common used by people around the world. With this roof type, you can create simple building shape. Even, there is no need perpendicular or parallel wall. However, it can cause debris or accumulate water at the top.

The Mansard Roof

There are two roofs at one house which one of them is more vertical and steeper than other. This French-inspired roof style is commonly used for additional storage. If you want to apply this roof for your house, just make sure to get one side is bigger than other.

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The Grambel Roof

Most barn house applies this grambel roof. You can see that grambel roof asks you to create one steeper side than other. This Dutch-inspired roof is actually great to apply at traditional house style. However, you are free to apply it for modern design as well.

The Green Roof

One of the dreamy roof styles that anyone wants to apply this for their house. The roof may consist of some glasses that have green plants over. The aim of this green roof is provide a beautiful view for the next level room.

The Hip Roof

With four slopes that are elevated and joined together, this roof looks flattened. When you have small house structure, applying this hip roof may become the options. Feel free to paint the roof with any colors you like.

The Slat Box Roof

The slat box roof comes with two roofs that meet at a ridge line that one side bigger than other. With this roof, your house will appear like 20th century house style. However, it can be applied for recent house style as well.

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