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8 Dreamy Roof Garden Designs That Will Inspire You

For the one who live in apparent or condominium, having garden will look like a dream. However, you…

For the one who live in apparent or condominium, having garden will look like a dream. However, you still can plant trees, flowers, or other plants and create a roof garden. It will refresh air and make beautiful scenery at the top.

Garden Roof With Sophisticated Landscape

Garden Roof With Sophisticated Landscape


Some planter boxes are arranged well at this roof garden with various plants. You can see flowers, trees, and other plants that give wonderful view for you upper lever room. This area may become your most favorite place to spend your evening time.

The Trafalgar Roof Garden

Sit at this area will be the favorite thing for everyone who loves beautiful view. The roof garden design is inspiring. However, you need to provide large roof are to create this sophisticated garden roof with the plants and seating area.

Urban Family Rooftop

Do you want to get more relaxing time from this green garden roof? Just copy this urban family rooftop garden design then. There are various green plants that will clean the air. Let see the seating area which consist of green sofa and chair that look so natural and fresh.

Inspiration From Hotel Portoghesi Roma

Some plants are on the big pots, while others at very fabulous landscaping. You can enjoy anytime relaxing your mind at the seating area of this rooftop garden. Further, you can ask your partner to enjoy the evening time together.

Clerkenwell Garden

Build your own roof garden with simple raised beds and red cedar deck to plant your favorite tree or flowers. Moreover, you also feel free to add some sandstone, artificial grass and irrigated planting to improve the roof garden look.

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Truly Appealing Garden

Have you ever think that spending more time at roof garden will improve your soul? Here, you will see it will really happen to yourself. Get simple conversation with your dearest person or just see the sunset at evening and you will find other beautiful side of life.

Rooftop Garden Inner City

Surprisingly, you can find beautiful green garden at high floor as the picture. With some benches that will make people who sit here feel relax. This roof garden is  great for an office building or apartment that need fresh air.

Bright Color Plants

Bright color petals will boost your mind faster. Just plant red, orange, or yellow flower at planter boxes and let them grow up. However, don’t forget to give water every day to keep the flowers alive. You can apply colorful seating as well.

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