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8 DIY Low Budget High Impact Accessories Ideas

DIY will ease you to have home accessories without spending much time and money. Hopefully, with a …

DIY will ease you to have home accessories without spending much time and money. Hopefully, with a touch of creativity, the room looks more tremendous. Here, you need to make something that give high impact for your room decoration. However, pay attention to choose the low budget one. See the examples of low budget ideas below;

Frame Shelf

Frame Shelf


Beautiful white frames for an incredible wall accessories idea. Those frames can be made in simple steps. Save your books, vases, dolls, or any other goods you have to beautify your wall. Make sure to add lighting to show them at night.

Curtain Headboard

DIY is not only about simplicity but also creativity. Take a look at curtain headboard at the picture that dramatically changes the bedroom look. With simple fabric, this room becomes more luxurious and eye-grabbing.

DIY Moroccan Glass Jar Candle Holder

If you have some glasses, paint it in Moroccan pattern. You don’t need to spend much budget nor time consuming. This project is simple and easy but will give wonderful effect to your room. Let those glass jars make your room more romantic.

DIY Book Shelf

Creating a book shelf is not only to help you get more storage but also home accessories. With creative DIY book shelf you can transform you room to be more interesting. Make sure you have basic carpentry skill and give a touch of creativity.

Chic White Feather Lamp

Elegant and cozy is the aims of this chic white feather lamps. Use glue to adhere the feather on the lamp. In addition, this idea can be done by anyone who wants to add simple touch with dramatic effect to their room.

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CD Mosaic Mirror

The accent of mirror can bring high impact for a room decoration. Furthermore, it looks amazing when made of something unique just like mosaic old CD. SO, what you are waiting for? Collect some old CDs as you need and create this project soon.

Furry Desk Chair

At least, you should have two furry desk chairs to cover your room. This retro style chair looks sweet for every room in your house. Moreover, it can be made easily just in a minute. What you need to have is only basic sewing skill.

Cute Reading Nook

Create this whimsical canopy tent for reading area is great idea. With white color basic, this reading nook even looks larger than its actual size. Furthermore, you can ask your spouse and children to read their favorite book together at this place.

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