8 Fun Ways To Wallpaper Your Kitchen with Bold Color and Pattern

Committing to a decor style for all eternity is terrifying. But you don’t have to give up, because there are plenty of cool, temporary options that can be here today, gone tomorrow; wallpaper. Whether you keep it confined to your backsplash, bar, or breakfast nook, or go all out and cover every single wall, wallpaper is a super cost-effective way to add a ton of bold color and pattern to your kitchen. If you think that wallpaper and kitchen don’t really go well together, you definitely have to see these 8 fun ways to wallpaper your kitchen below.

1. Geometric Wallpaper


Add an art decor to your kitchen with black and white geometric prints. To keep it from feeling too overpowering, add it in between; between counter and an island.

2. Black & White Wallpaper


If colorful wallpaper scares you or too much for you, try a black and white wallpaper. For example, this black and white wallpaper above has a cool, industrial feel.

3. Floral Wallpaper


A floral wallpaper is perfect for a country or farmhouse-style kitchen. To keep it from looking too feminine, keep decor rustic, choosing wood, stainless, and greenery.

4. Breakfast Nook Wallpaper


Keep your kitchen space and your breakfast nook feel more separate by adding wallpaper. It also helps warm it up and make it feel cozier.

5. Banana Leaf Wallpaper


Give your kitchen a beach vacation vibe with this banana leaf wallpaper. To compliment the pink in the wallpaper, choose brass accents.

6. Backsplash & Walls


If you are not afraid to go bold, just wallpaper both of your backsplash and walls. Give your kitchen a theme (like cats, in this case) to tie your wallpaper together with the rest of the room to make it more fun.

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7. Botanical & Geometrical


This simply enchanting distressed print adds a sparkling brilliance to each leaf. Flowing patterns create stunning movement within the design. It looks like a fun geometrical pattern from far away, but close up you’ll see botanical details.

8. Marble


Cover an entire wall , a column or a piece of furniture with this marble wallpaper to get a super gorgeous kitchen look.

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