8 Farmhouse Style Flower Arrangements to Brighten Up Your Decor

If your home is a farmhouse themed decor, floral is always be on your table. Finding the right vase and the right flowers for your home can be a bit tricky, though. You don’t just want any old arrangement, after all. You want something that is romantic yet rustic, delicate yet hardy, something that will match the natural, unadorned beauty of your own style. To give you a few ideas and a whole lot of inspiration, feast your eyes and imagination with these 8 farmhouse style flower arrangements to brighten up your decor below, so you can get started on your own farmhouse chic additions.

1. Whimsical and Romantic Hanging Floral Display


This display perfectly blends the whimsy of a hanging garden with the rustic of farmhouse decor. Use this display in an entryway or garden as both a storage space and as a gentle, lovely way to welcome in guests using fresh, dried, or silk flowers to create your desired outcome.

2. Sweet Display in a Rustic Country Jug


These lovely forever flowers will add a French farmhouse feel to any room and perfect for the kitchen or living space. The soft and natural greens and yellows pair in a fun, friendly way with the distressed styling of the recycled jug, which works perfectly as a farmhouse authentic vase.

3. Authentic Watering Can with Lovely Lavender


A galvanized watering can makes for a delightful vase for your favorite sprigs from the garden. Adding an extra element of the outdoors to your table, this watering can makes the farmhouse look feel that much more authentic. The long lavender stems bring balance to the height of the makeshift vase.

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4. Cozy Shabby Chic Cotton Display Box


The warm and fluffy cotton and simple white-washed wooden planter box add a rustic southern charm alongside the friendly lavender and lamb’s ear greenery. This small display is perfect for an end table, entryway, or nightstand.

5. Bright and Warm Floral Centerpieces


Multiple Mason jar arrangements stretching the length of a beautiful burlap-style runner make a big statement on any dining table. Use this arrangement at home or down long tables at a garden party or other outdoor event.

6. Farmhouse Painted Mason Jar Planter


Take some time out of your day to craft this lovely painted Mason jar planter. You won’t regret having this lovely piece to display either fresh cut flowers from your garden or a beautifully composed silk bouquet. You can paint or add accents according to your personal style.

7. Lush Blossoms on a Galvanized Tray


When decorating your home with a farmhouse theme, it is important to consider what details or pieces you want to create to stand out. This striking galvanized tray is the ideal farmhouse centerpiece and works flawlessly as a base for a crystal clear vase and sumptuous hydrangeas. The full white blossoms are reminiscent of soft fluffy cotton and perfectly fit the charming farmhouse feel.

8.  Super Soft Dreamy Farmhouse Bouquet


With small accents of lavender, this vase and bouquet exude both a warm welcome and soft serenity.


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