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9 Stunning Ways to Plant Small Flower Ideas

Small flowers look cute and fresh for a tiny garden. They come with different colors to make your yard become more cheerful. In addition, having those small flowers doesn’t require large space. It just needs a little part of your front yard or backyard to plant them. Take look at these examples of planting small flower Ideas to try;

Green Grass

Green Grass


Green grasses with white flowers come to show the beauty of small garden of your front yard. When you don’t have enough time, creating small and simple garden is great. Moreover, it makes your eyes calm and fresh.

Marvelous Peaks

Designing garden with small flowers only need little space of garden. Take a look at the picture with simple decoration, this small garden gives plenty of colorful flowers. In addition, the accent of green grass adds a touch of natural beauty.

Tulip Abundance

Tulips bring your front yard into fortune and prosperity. Choose any tulip colors you like, whether red, white or yellow. They will show you happiness soon only by seeing their petals. Just imagine you are in Netherlands or Turkey.

Great Yellow

This eco-friendly garden design may help you to save your budget. Yellow flower seems eye-grabbing and fresh. Further, you only need to get little space such as the corner of the yard. Happily, they are low maintenance flowers as well.

Peaceful Little Spot

Lotus leaves look great with strong statement. They come to give relaxation and peace of mind. With simple decoration and little space, this tiny garden will not make you spend much money. Make sure, you will treat them well every day.

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Flourish and Conquer

Border line with bold flower is brilliant. Let see a small garden at one of your house side that will change the look dramatically. Feel free to add brushes or grass to make more eye catching any time you see it. However, don’t let any part of it to be empty.

Blissful Spot

Big pot at the center of this small round garden seems wonderful for any yard of a house. It has some variety of flowers that look awesome in one place. Eventually, this garden is more than beautiful to copy at front yard.

Long Container Flower Bed

How about this long container flower bed? When you have more space, creating decorative raised garden bed will be brilliant idea. It will improve your backyard design. Just prepare some palette woods to make it.

Complete Garden

This is an easy backyard design that can be made even by a beginner. Feel free to use brick or cinder block to create the border. Then, plant any small flowers you like with some grasses and trees as well to complete the variety.

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