7 Stunning Ways to Transform Your Space With Tropical Wallpaper

The easier way to give your space an instant facelift is by using a wallpaper. For example, if you are into a tropical theme, there are so many patterns of the tropical and jungle-inspired variety. Contrary to what you may have heard, palm trees and banana leaves aren’t just reserved for vacation homes. These vibrant prints add fierceness to any space, from modern boudoirs and boho lounges to contemporary kitchens and formal dining rooms. Check out these stunning ways to transform your space with tropical wallpaper below to inspire you.

1. Bold Bathroom


To add flair and excitement to a small space, a statement wallpaper is a great way, such as a half bath. Light wood, white marble, and silver fixtures enhance the California cool vibe.

2. Dramatic Dining


This is proof that a formal dining room doesn’t have to be stuffy. Rich palm wallpaper sets the scene for a dazzling space. And the gold ram-accented glass top table and eye-catching chandelier add a double dose of glamour.

3. Splashy Sitting Area


Adds an exotic allure to this sitting area with this Brazilliance wallpaper. A crisp white couch, colorful pillows, and a black and white vertical striped rug compete the contemporary aesthetic.

4. Eclectic Master


The masculine hues, simple styling, and retro touches balance the modern femininity of the pink leaf wallpaper in this bedroom by Design Addict Mom.

5. Tropical Kitchen


Punch up the personality in your kitchen by trading in a traditional tile backsplash for bold palm-printed wallpaper so you’ll always feel warm and upbeat in such a cheerful space.

6. Airy Dining Area


This informal dining space feels bright and airy thanks to the fresh green and white color palette and use of natural greenery. OK, so this is actually a watercolor palm mural (not wallpaper), but it’s a sublime example and we couldn’t resist.

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7. Boho Lounge


Ditching bare walls for exuberant teal wallpaper plus adding boho textiles and rich accents takes this lounge area from low key to lively. If anyone knows how to do palm prints right, it’s The Jungalow’sJustina Blakeney.

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