35 Glorious Mediterranean Living Room Ideas

Living room with Mediterranean style looks elegant. The design is created to get magnificent living room decoration. Applying Mediterranean will cost much, but the result also will be awesome. First of all you need to prepare luxury rug, armchair, sofa, and other things. All furniture is in high quality material. Take a look at these glorious Mediterranean living room ideas below.

Earthy Colors

Using an earthy tone theme for this Mediterranean living room decorating idea will present a beautiful and elegant appearance. The voter went for ivory and light brown combined with a bit of light gray and this living room is perfect. Ivory and Light Brown from @mediteranea_official.

Look at this Mediterranean living room! Having walls painted in beige tones will present an elegant and calming look. This living room also uses earthy tone themed furniture so it will make it look extraordinary. Beige Wall Painted from @oykuthurston.

This white wall combined with wooden accents will make your Mediterranean living room decor look extraordinary. The owner also added an earth tone colored carpet so it would look beautiful and attractive. White and Wooden Themed from @feeltheresonance.

This Mediterranean living room uses an earthy tone theme so that it will present a soft and calming appearance. A pendant light made using wicker basket will make this living room decoration look perfect. Ivory and Wooden Furniture from @bjmpatel.

Formal Living Room

With a high ceiling, this living room gives a luxurious and formal impression. Chandeliers that hang from the ceiling will be the perfect lighting in the living room. Coupled with furniture that looks elegant, this living room has a formal impression. High Ceiling from @ssquaredarchitects.

Having a white theme, this living room manages to present a clean and bright appearance. The owner uses a sofa with a curved design which is paired with a wooden coffee table so that it looks harmonious and not excessive. White Nuance from @rohailullah.

This bold sofa with a simple design manages to present a formal look in your home. Carpet and pillows in your living room will provide perfect comfort in your living room. Thick Sofa from @beindesignkalkan.

This large sofa looks simple and is suitable for Mediterranean living room decorating ideas. Here you can complete a wide carpet on the floor area so that it will make this living room look formal. Large Sofa from @obsolete_mallorca.

Having a minimalist design, this Mediterranean-style living room manages to present an elegant appearance. This low sofa combined with a wooden coffee table manages to present an elegant appearance. Minimalist Design from @nua_architecture.

Letter L sofa with a light gray theme is perfect for this Mediterranean living room decoration idea. Combined with a round coffee table, it will make it look perfect and manage to steal the attention of everyone who sees it. Letter L Sofa from @luzllinaresarte.

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Luxury Two Storey Living Room

Don’t underestimate classy furniture. In this traditional Mediterranean living room decor, they look stylish. With sofas and fireplaces, this room has plenty of visual appeal to grab people’s attention. Glass Windows from @marchandhomes.

This two-floor living room has a white theme so it looks very clean and elegant. Using a soft white sofa and curved coffee table will make this living room look perfect and without exaggeration. White Interior Design from @project23designs.

Black Frames

How about the design of this living room with exposed wood and arched paneled windows? The architect elaborate wrought gold chandelier to add a touch of modern value. Finally, the role classy furniture will stronger this room character. Curved Window Frame from @vivirdesign.

Wooden floors will present a beautiful look with a natural touch. Using glass windows with black frames will present a perfect look and is suitable for a Mediterranean theme. Square Black Frame from @celavie_villabali.

This Mediterranean-style living room uses a black frame so that it will present an attractive masculine appearance. This gray sofa and floor to ceiling fireplace will make your living room look perfect. Rectangular Black Frame from @trabdesign.

This curved glass window with black frame will make your Mediterranean living room decor look extraordinary. Bamboo and wood furniture will bring the perfect tropical touch. Some palm trees will contribute freshness. Curved Glass Window from @collectoworld.

White walls with black window frames will add an interesting look to this Mediterranean space. Sofa, chair and coffee table will be the perfect furniture. Wall art will make this living room decoration even more beautiful and lively. Large Black Frame from @trendsmagind.

This Mediterranean living room uses glass windows equipped with black frames so it looks extraordinary. This white sofa with pillows and wooden coffee table will present a beautiful and perfect Mediterranean look. Black Metal Door Frame from @studioardesie.

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Living Room with Rug

This brown carpet with intricate motifs will present a beautiful look and give warmth through the feet that stand on it. Combined with the built-in sofa and wooden coffee table to make it look more attractive. Patterned Rug from @studio_pada.

This white-toned living room uses a light-colored carpet as well so it will present a matching look. Wall scones would be a simple yet perfect lighting idea in this Mediterranean living room. Wide Carpet from @woven.is.

The round carpet in the Mediterranean living room manages to present a look that matches the Mediterranean style and manages to provide comfort. Blue Chair and White sofa with blue pillow will present a stunning electric look. Round Rug from @rialto_living.

Having shades of white, this Mediterranean guest roar looks very elegant. Equipped with a white rug, it will present a matching look in this Mediterranean living room. The wood accents displayed by this coffee table will add to the perfection of your living room. White Rug from @laredoute.ch.

This brown fur carpet looks simple but perfect to complement this Mediterranean living room decor. Foot stools and other furniture with almost the same color tone make this living room look beautiful. Fur Carpet from @martin_1410.

This white guest room looks very beautiful and clean. The blue carpet in the living room area will present a bright appearance while providing warmth through the feet that stand on it. Rectangular Rug from @musari.architects.

Cathedral Ceiling

This living room uses a cathedral ceiling with a wooden and white combination so that it will present an extraordinary appearance. A wall lamp would be the perfect lighting idea in this living room. Mediterranean style furniture looks perfect. White and Dark Ceiling from @angelafreedesign.

The cathedral ceiling in this living room immediately catches people’s attention. With exposed beams, the chandelier seems to complement the decor to make it more fun. What’s more, with brightly colored furniture, this room looks like a classic home style. Wooden and White Ceiling from @annagorlova_ise.

Check out this Mediterranean living room! Using a cathedral-style ceiling made using wood material will present a perfect classic look. Coupled with brightly colored furniture, this living room looks very prominent. Natural Wooden Cathedral Ceiling from @cara.co_.

The cathedral ceiling in this Mediterranean-style living room has white nuances so that it will present a clean appearance and the impression of a high ceiling. The wood accents displayed by the furniture will make it extraordinary. White Cathedral Ceiling from @havenmagnz.

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Living Room with Curved Sofa

This brown curved sofa will provide comfort and is suitable for Mediterranean decor. Patterned carpet, wooden cabinet, fireplace and glass window will complete the Mediterranean-style decoration with their respective portions. Brown Curved Sofa from @nicksadekre.

This Mediterranean living room with white tones looks clean and bright. The owner uses a curved sofa and is equipped with blue accents so it looks extraordinary. White Curved Sofa from @sandraasdourianinteriors.

This gray curved sofa will bring a modern look to this Mediterranean living room. Fireplace and house plant will be the perfect complement in this living room and can contribute comfort. Grey Sofa from @bejucmodern.

Living Room Wall Art

Wall art also improve Mediterranean living room style. Though it has many ornaments, the role of wall art still has more influence. Beside that the chandelier, lantern , and some pots has big task to create marvelous living room design. Framed Wall Art from @cpm_projectstudio.

This Mediterranean living room dining is decorated with abstract wall art which will present its own charm. Wooden furniture, branch arrangement and other ornaments will work perfectly to enhance this Mediterranean living room decor. Abstract Wall Art from @casacruz_centrohistorico.

The colorful wall art that is displayed on the living room wall will present an attractive display of art in the Mediterranean-style living room. Simple furniture and house plants will make this living room more beautiful and manage to steal the show. Colorful Wall Art from @bonniemeredithstudio.

Presenting wall art in a Mediterranean living room decoration will enhance the decoration in your home and make it look more festive. Here you can use wall art with a small size so that it looks simple and not excessive. Small Wall Art from @terramiamarrakechofficiel.

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