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8 Glorious Mediterranean Living Room Ideas

Living room with Mediterranean style looks elegant. The design is created to get magnificent living…

Living room with Mediterranean style looks elegant. The design is created to get magnificent living room decoration. Applying Mediterranean will cost much, but the result also will be awesome. First of all you need to prepare luxury rug, armchair, sofa, and other things. All furniture is in high quality material. Take a look at these glorious Mediterranean living room ideas below;

Earthy Colors

Earthy Colors


Mediterranean style deals with the usage of earthy color such as cream. With luxury rag and attractive fire place, the living room looks magnificent.  As a result, the ornament above the fire pit, you can see that this is the real Mediterranean living room architecture.

Formal Living Room

With eye-grabbing chandelier and curved window, this living room provides beautiful view outside. The accent of fire place adds visual interest that unforgettable. Elegant furniture brings a touch of glamour.

Luxury Two Storey Living Room

Don’t underestimate classy furniture. At this traditional Mediterranean living room decoration, they look stylish. With extra large pot at the corner, this room has many visual interests to attract people eyes.

Black Frames

How about the design of this living room with exposed wood and arched paneled windows? The architect elaborate wrought iron chandelier to add a touch of vintage value. Finally, the role classy furniture will stronger this room character.

Living Room with Blue-Rug

Dare to see fabulous white living room with eternal design. Take hand less chair and throw pillows! They work together to create a harmony living room decoration. Furthermore, the blue rug improve the value with its statement.

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Cathedral Ceiling

Cathedral ceiling at this living room directly attracts people eyes. With exposed beams, the chandeliers appear to complete the decoration more delightful. Above all, with some lantern spread out, this room seems like a classical house style.

Living Room with Curved Sofa

Curved damask sofa chose to give a touch of glamour for this room. Though some green armchairs already settled, the role of a stunning fireplace will make it perfect. Furthermore, colorful accents finish all decoration.

Living Room Wall Art

Wall art also improve Mediterranean living room style. Though it has many ornaments, the role of wall art still has more influence.  Beside that the chandelier, lantern , and some pots has big task to create marvelous living room design.

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