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9 Ways to Apply Moroccan Style for Room Decoration

Moroccan style tells about pattern, lantern, and sophisticated accents that will attract people eye…

Moroccan style tells about pattern, lantern, and sophisticated accents that will attract people eyes. It comes with strong character as Moroccan. Nowadays, applying Moroccan style for a room seems become trending decoration. This style will dramatically improve your room decoration.

Moroccan-Scandinavian Style

Moroccan Scandinavian Style


Combining Scandinavian and Moroccan style for a room may looks great. Let see how some modern throw pillow and works together with Moroccan detail just like rug, woven lamp, and pouf. Further, they looked as brilliant combination.

Layer Patterns

Applying two rugs on the floor creates another Moroccan style’s beauty. Don’t be afraid to use different pattern.  They will upgrade the room decoration with something new. Those layer patterns blend together to create eye-grabbing look.

Dreamy Nook

Moroccan textile on the rug and pillows make the room looks luxurious. Though, they are put on the nook, but still keep their interest values. Moreover, white based material brings this room into elegant and fresh atmosphere.

Incorporate a Moroccan Pouf

A living space with pouf clearly defined as Moroccan living room design. Whether it used as footstool or seating, this pouf looks interesting. Even, with neutral color you can bring this room into a vintage decoration.

Woven Decor Touches

With little touch of Moroccan style, this room looks sophisticated. Pay attention to the woven basket used for pot. In addition, the role of pattern pot also gives a touch of Moroccan beauty decoration.

Hang a Moroccan-Style Light

With a Moroccan lamp on the ceiling, this room seems classic and elegant. You can see a hint of magic after applying Moroccan pendant and or lamp. Furthermore, let the sun light goes through the glass window make this room comfortable.

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Graphic Backsplash

Seeing a kitchen with starburst lamp reminds us to Moroccan room style. Woven rug on the floor also adds the statement. However, what make this kitchen show its Moroccan style can be seen through the graphic backsplash that really eye-catching.

Dramatic Details

Try to add dramatic details such as big pattern rug, pattern pillow, or vibrant rug. Those are the ways of Moroccan style show their uniqueness.  Hereafter, attention-grabbing color also comes with its own visual interest. Even, you can apply printed wall as well.

Install Striking Moroccan Floor Tiles

When you want to add Moroccan style but still keep simple, this bathroom design will interest you. Take a look at the Moroccan floor tiles which dramatically attractive. With white basic color, the tile pattern looks dominant.

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