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9 Genius Lantern Decoration Ideas To Bring Magic For Your House

Let’s give something pretty on our house. One of the ways is by putting some lantern that will give…

Let’s give something pretty on our house. One of the ways is by putting some lantern that will give us more energy at night. With a little touch of creativity, the lanterns can bring magical sensation to our home. Just feel like in a fairy tale with lantern at night and do something magic. Here are some lantern decorations to try;

Enchanted Moss Lantern with Candle

Enchanted Moss Lantern With Candle


With old-fashioned hinges and door clasp, the lamp looks rustic. Three pillar candles on the lantern make this lamp looks vintage. Just put this lamp on the table for any room you love and see how wonderful it is.

Ropes Lantern with Roses

When you want to hold an outdoor party or wedding reception, these lamps may be the best for you. Hang the three lamps with strong rope on a tree. Put a candle on each lantern with pink and red rose arrangement on the top.

Vintage Lantern Decor

The combination three lanterns with different size also give outstanding look. The biggest lantern which hangs on the wall can be filled with some candles, and orchids. The smaller one is on the table, filled with candles, orchid, and seashells. Then, the smallest, place it on the stack of old books.

The Fire in My Heart Lantern

Lantern keeps your outdoor looks beautiful even at winter. The grey lantern works well with Mason jar to create harmony. Put a candle for each of them and see the light at the winter night. It will be an amazing moment.

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Cornerstone of Summer’s Eve Lantern

Using Morocco lantern arched glass panels with curved tops and silvery pierced perfectly show the beauty of candle inside. It creates amazing lighting at your outdoor. This lantern is a brilliant style to be used when you want to hold a party.

Holiday Spirit Lantern

Decorate your room at Christmas with this outstanding lantern. Two slender lamps on a table with multi-colored Christmas ball make it more awesome. Add some evergreen sprigs, pinecones, and votives ask you admire this lantern decor.

Living Room Lantern

Full off your living room with more lanterns. Put them in every part of the living room to make this room brighter. Pay attention more! This living room seems like a luxury room in a palace with beautiful lanterns.

Welcome Home Lantern

Take a look at this pretty design of porch with two lanterns hang on the ceiling.  Those lanterns fill with three electric candles inside which can be witch on easily. The porch looks so cozy with two white lanterns in front of the chair as well.

Wish Upon a Star Lantern

Have a great holiday! Put these lanterns on the porch or inside your house will not decrease the beauty of them. With golden metal frame, the light will look glamour. These lanterns decoration will be wonderful for any occasion.

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