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10 Enchanting Wooden Centerpieces To Enhance Rustic Table Decoration

A table with wooden centerpiece may look more enchanting. Whether for dining room and or living roo…

A table with wooden centerpiece may look more enchanting. Whether for dining room and or living room, centerpiece becomes the focal interest that dramatically changes room appearance. Believe it or not, wooden centerpiece also adds big impact for room decoration. See these following ideas below;

Wooden Candle Holder

Wooden Candle Holder


What about this unexpected wooden candle holder? This rustic centerpiece gives your room classic touch without makes your room look too busy. Wood log with its natural brown color looks warm and inviting.

Wooden Bird Cage

Imagine that wooden bird cage at your dining room. You don’t have to add a real bird inside this, just the fake one. That looks awesome for dining room accent. Just put at the center and let it become the focal interest.

Unique Dining Table Centerpiece

Add rustic touch simply with this centerpiece. Moss balls on the wooden beams seem clean and fresh for dining room decor. It is painted in white color to look blend with chairs. You may let it at its natural color as well.

Woven Wooden Basket

If you love coastal breeze style, you can install a woven wooden basket at your living room. Just put it on the table. It adds rustic touch with simple step but looks inviting.

Redwood Basket Centerpiece

A centerpiece will be better if give you other function as well. Here, this redwood basket centerpiece takes big part as table decor. Furthermore, it may be used for holding some fruits as well.

Add Driftwood and Rocks

Table decor with natural element also looks great as rustic touch. Show your imagination through designing the best centerpiece with rocks and driftwood that the real you.

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Wooden Tray Candle Holder

Wooden coffee table with wooden try on the top of it upgrades your room decor surprisingly. Moreover, adding some candles and other accents look generous.

Wooden Gourds As A Centerpiece

Those fruits are in big size and look attractive on the table. With natural color, those gourds will be fit to any decor. Furthermore, the dining room looks more elegant after those wooden gourds play role as this dining table centerpiece.

Shaped Wooden Pieces

With the addition of shaped wooden pieces on this dining table, the room gets rustic touch. Even, it looks elegant and inviting.

Vases From Tree Stump

Add natural touch at room with this tree stump vases. Look at the shape and the flower that very natural. Even, you don’t have to spend money to get it.





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