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8 Inspiring Wreath Designs To Get New Spirit This Spring

To welcome spring, you need to upgrade your home decoration. Get new spring spirit creating attractive wreath. There are various wreath designs that you may copy for your door decor. Like these following inspiring wreath designs;

Attractive Double Wreath

Two circles for one wreath look unique for your door this spring. Look at the flowers with various patterns and colors which will make your design appear different from others. Buy or create, it’s up to you.

Wrapped With Yarn

Use yarn to create spring wreath will not hard. Choose different colors to add aesthetic value on it. However, it will be better to apply calm or earthy tone which will be fit to any door or wall color. Look at the picture, the wreath is designed very well with some paper flowers and cute butterfly.

Vintage Wreath

Be creative with burlap! This wreath will add a touch of vintage look to your spring decor. Burlap wreath with a bunch of faux flower will upgrade your house decor this spring. Furthermore, you can create it easily with your kids.

Carrot and Bunting Wreath

This is double functions wreath that looks good for either for spring or Easter. The creator uses eggs and carrots to make this wreath look different but eye-catching for home decor.  Do you want to make the same kind of this?

Say Something

Prepare a giant wreath, you may buy it at store or online shop. Make a chip board letters with paper to write “Hi” or other words you want. Then, find the frame and paint it with any color as you like. Add some faux flower and make the leaves from green burlap.

Newly Hatched Birds

This cute wreath made from green feather boas. Attach the feather using glue to the wreath and add bird nest after it. Add newly hatched birds and some faux flowers. Hang this wreath on the wall or door as spring decor.

Wreath From Cupcake Liners

You only need to provide cupcake liners, coffee filters, and a stapler. This may become the easiest wreath ever. Even, it just takes minutes to create this beautiful wreath. Though in simple design, but you will see the spirit of spring at this wreath.

Simple Paper Wreath

Even a DIY newbie can create this simple paper wreath. You don’t need to spend much money either. You may use any paper whether tissue paper, old newspaper or wrapping paper as you have. However, make sure to create it creatively.

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