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8 Fascinating Swivel Chairs that You Should Have

Classic and glamour are image of swivel chair from time to time. With high quality material and neutral color, the chairs will be suitable for any season. No matter how your house style is, whether it is modern, farmhouse, country look or even coastal house style. Here are eight fascinating swivel chairs that you should have;

George Coldren For Chairloom

George Coldren For Chairloom


Here is pair of chair which already released in black color. Put them on the porch or balcony to add a touch of luxury. Though they come from 1970’s, those chair will give you new experience when sit on it.

Mrs. Godfrey Swivel Chair

Come from 1970 glamour style, Mrs. Godfrey Swivel chair show its statement. With an old-fashion feature, this chair exists in bright, bold shades, wood or metallic finishes. Moreover, this is one of the timeless chairs ever.

High Back Swivel Chairs

Adrian Pearsall shows how great his design by giving bold red vintage chairs style. This swivel style made of a rusty red fabric, with a walnut base. However, the result will be stunning for any room of modern house style.

Amoenus Sofa

Swivel sofa comes to add different style. Instead of swivel chair, this sofa bring you en elegant look with white and chrome base. Living room is the best place to put Amoneus sofa.

Kagan Style Nautilus Shaped

Upgrade room style by using peacock blue swivel chair is a brilliant idea. Moreover, the room will be more unique, artistic and luxurious. Two Kagan style nautilus shaped swavel chairs are enough for beautify the room.

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Bacharach Swivel Chair

Bacharach swivel chairs with velvet color come with prestigious style for a living room design. Add gold metal rounded table to improve the look. Furthermore, patterned pillow also can be a smart choice to get more impressive.

Rochester Swivel Armchair

Rochester swivel chair provided in some variety shades, but grey look better from others. The tufted details at the arm make the chair more sophisticated. With classic style, you will not be upset having this in your favorite room.

Nico Swivel Chair

Get a term of luxury by putting this chair at one of your room. Sit and enjoy the sensation each second at this armchair. There are some colors to choose. Just mix and match with the room as you like. See how this chair dramatically upgrades your room look.

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