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9 Captivating Bench Design Ideas to Get Cozy Experience

Having bench outdoor is the best decision ever. Sit down and see the beautiful view from each part …

Having bench outdoor is the best decision ever. Sit down and see the beautiful view from each part of garden will be awesome activity. Relax your body or just read any books you love at the bench also interesting. However, choosing the bench design is important to get cozy experience. Here are some admirable bench design ideas to try;

Pink Me Up

Pink Me Up


White bench and hammock chairs work together to create beautiful outdoor design. The accents of pink pillows appear as the interest point with its beautiful pattern. Moreover, fire pit comes for more adorable look.

Blue-Me Away

Adding blue pillows at the bench will dramatically attract eyes. Further, the brown bench and table outside look natural. When you want to relax your mind, this place can be best choice for you.

A Walk in the Park

Three wood logs with cinder block in one aim to create captivating bench.  Put a pot of green plants to make it more astounding. Use this bench for seating in the park, coffee stops, a good walk or a whole picnic is great idea.

Settle Down

Creative bench gives you almost everything you want. Even if you only sit down and do nothing, this bench still admirable. The combination of cinder block and wooden material brings this bench to be the most interesting part f the park.

Stones and Benches

This gabion consists of white stones which made for bench with palette wood on the top. See the long bench that is put on one side of the garden as vocal interest. Furthermore, take a look grass which automatically makes the bench looks amazing.

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Plant the Seeds

Another brilliant idea of using benches that looks remarkable is planter bench. Plant some seeds and make it as small garden. Then, choose one side where you can sit and see how beautiful your surroundings.

Attention-Grabbing Spots

Imagine you are sitting at the swing bench and see beautiful flowers at the park. Inhale the fragrance that will directly calm your feeling. Eventually, this place will be one of the most favorite spot for spending time.

Wooden Bench with White Frame

Bench with white frame and small garden looks better for tiny environment. When you don’t have more space, small garden can be the best choice to upgrade your outdoor design. Then, sit down and wait the sunset will be incredible.

Green Heaven

Planter bench also becomes great improvement for small garden decoration. It doesn’t require more space. Even when you only have small porch, the idea of planter bench still applicable.

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