9 Inspiring Weekend Home Decorating Projects

Decorating your space can be a fun way to do. Some of it can also be done without breaking your wallet. Because a little wallpaper, paint or a few colorful accents can make a big difference to your space. All you need is some creativity and imagination.  Spare your time on weekend to decorate your space with these 9 inspiring weekend home decoration projects below to inspire you.

1. Paint Furniture


Paint your old dresser with a fresh coat of colorful paint that match with the overall style. You can also add a patterns, too. To draw the designs, you can use paint pens.

2. Entryway Table


Craft a simple entryway table; logs. Simply prop table-height sections of logs against a wall. Apply a clear coat to the logs to seal the wood.

3. Display


Find a frames at secondhand stores and flea markets that catch your eye, and you have the makings of an art display you’ll love. Simply discard the art and paint the frames fun colors that match your decor. Arrange the ensemble on your blank wall.

4. Embellish with Watercolor

Give a plain lampshade a watercolor makeover. Moisten a large paintbrush with water, and sweep a wavelike pattern around the bottom of the shade. Tap wet paint into the pattern with a soft, round watercolor brush. (Use watercolor paint for paper lampshades and fabric paint for fabric shades.) The paint will bleed to the edges of the moistened area. After the paint dries, dot the wave with more paint in alternating colors. For dots that blend, paint them with edges touching.


Give your old plain lampshade a watercolor makeover. All you need to do is moisten a large paintbrush with water, and sweep a wavelike pattern around the bottom of the shade. Tap wet paint into the pattern with a soft, round watercolor brush. Use watercolor paint for paper lampshades and fabric paint for fabric shades. The paint will bleed to the edges of the moistened area. After the paint dries, dot the wave with more paint in alternating colors. For dots that blend, paint them with edges touching.

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5. Unique Planter


Make your old globe a new life by using it as planters. Carefully cut an old globe in half with a utility knife. Lift the base with plastic, and fill with soil and plants. Rest the globe on a plant stand or in a drainage dish to keep it upright.

6. Memo Board


Only with a bias tape, pushpins, and a few basic tools, you can weave this trellis-like bulletin board to beautify your space and also put some memos there.

7. Whirl


For these canvases, scan the marbleized paper and sent the designs to a print center to be printed on canvases and now you have a hot wall art.

8. Stencil a Wall


Give your wall a dose of pattern with a stencil. It’s less time-consuming than stenciling a whole room, and you’ll need less paint. For subtle contrast, use a color for the pattern that is just a few shades lighter than the background.

9. Hutch Makeover


Transform a tired hutch with paint and wallpaper.

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