8 Weekend Projects to Make Your Home Feel Its Best

Having the same decoration is can easily make you feel boring. That’s why, many people are hate to stay for a long time at home. And re-decorating can cost a lot. But worry not, there are so many cheap and easy ways that you can do during your weekend that will instantly upgrade your space look only with a small changes. Now check out these 8 weekend projects to make your home feel its best below to inspire you.

1. Replace a Window Treatment


Has the window shade above your kitchen sink been marred by repeated exposure to splashes and cooking liquids? If it’s so, replace a stained window covering with an inexpensive fabric treatment and see your kitchen in a whole new light. Don’t forget to match it with the overall theme to get the best new look.

2. Message Center


Make a message center to remind you what-to-do chores or even to send other member of the house a message before you leave. Try to make it with an inexpensive glass panel instead of white or blackboard. To make a design like this, paint the back of a glass panel to complement your kitchen and frame it. Use dry-erase markers to write notes and reminders. This project is way lot better than using blackboard with chalk that will leave some dusts to your space.

3. Restyle Your Bookcase


Applying contact paper, scrapbook paper, or fabric to its back to give a bookcase an exciting backdrop by . If you don’t want to commit to a particular design or color scheme, measure the piece’s back panel and mount the background material on poster board, cut to the size of each shelf.

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4. Tackle Trimwork


Install new trimwork in your home and make improvements to what you already have. Try to replace mismatched, missing, or damaged moldings, end caps, quarter rounds, or baseboard. Curved areas might require a special piece or trim made of an alternate material.

5. Organize the Entry


Keep dirt and mud contained with a boot tray near your entryway. Buy one that’s easy to clean, or create your own. If storage space is limited, tuck the tray beneath a slim console table.

6. Get Stylish Underfoot


Try your hand at a fun paint technique and update tired flooring with a custom rug. Create a fun, personalized focak point using a vinyl floor remnant and paint. Varying the stripe widths to create a cool, casual look.

7. Add a Cheap Backsplash


Turn a large vintage map into a distinctive backdrop that makes a statement. If you’re a renter, use peel-and-stick decals to add less-permanent flair in a flash.

8. Switchplates


To make a visual statement, replace a plastic switchplate with a wood, metal, or ceramic cover. Do this for light switches, electrical outlets, and phone and cable jacks.

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