8 Decorations That All Leos Should Have in Their Home

Have you ever think about designing your living space according to your zodiac sign? Because it is August, it’s all about the Leos. This fire sign is best characterized by their king/queen-of-the-jungle attitude and larger-than-life personality. Leo’s temperament can be very fiery. Their symbol is the lion and they are known as a fire sign. Leos ruling planet is the sun. The sun is the center of universe, that’s why Leos love to be the center of attention and the center of the party. Leos like to do things large. Leos are born to have an abundant life, while creating a space that reflects their personality; they are the royalty of the zodiac.

When decorating home, Leos tend to have a playful side which may be reflected in their design. They are drawn to sunrise and sunset tones such as red, orange, yellow, and gold. Some of the best grounding elements to balance this fiery sign would be water, wood and plants. The water-themed pieces might appeal to a Leo’s sense of style. Wood accents can be beautiful additions to red, orange and gold rooms, but remember that Leos should stay clear of clutter and messes and objects that don’t reflect such success. The official flower for a Leo is the sunflower. Now check out these 8 decorations that all Leos should have in their home below to inspire you.

1. Multi-Picture Frame


Friends and family are a Leo’s pride and joy, so their home is never complete without photos of their loved ones. Buy this multi-picture frame and put friends and family photos there that will also fill the blank wall space.

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2. Chair


All fire signs need a playful den/sitting area, and a plush and comfy chair is a Leo living room must.

3. Metal Wall Sculpture


As we all know, Leos are ruled by the sun so they’re attracted to gold, yellow, and tons of natural light. These brass urchins work in a gallery wall or grouped with the rest of the prized possessions on a shelfie.

4.Rug Pillow


Leos love bright patterns, and they need a home packed with it. And this rug pillow is so Leos.

5. Bathroom Caddy


Leos live to treat themselves like king or queen. So let’s bring spa-like to the bathroom space with this bamboo bathroom caddy.

6. Bar Cart


Leos love to throw a party, and it means a stocked bar cart is needed at home.

7. Petal Mirror


Leos needs a suitable spot to primp, and this mirror happens to look fab on its own too.

8. Floor Cushion


Leos are the ultimate host/hostess. And this means making sure that every guests has a comfortable place to sit. A pretty floor cushion is the one that you need.


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