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8 Stained Glass Design Ideas to Improve Your Home Decoration

Stained glass comes with its own statement for a room decoration. Window, door, or even wall will b…

Stained glass comes with its own statement for a room decoration. Window, door, or even wall will be more stunning when you apply stained glass. Just mix and matched the pattern and color for your house style and be different. Let see how your house will be if you choose to copy from these eight stained glass decoration as follows;

Accent Wall

Accent Wall


Renovating a bathroom to be more sophisticated ask you to add something new. When you improve the room with new trend, it will look genius. Stained glass is one epitome ornaments that lead your bathroom more artistic values.

Modern Stained Glass Lamps

Add a touch of glamour for your room by using modern stained glass lamp. The colorful design will make your room more attractive with its own statement. Just let it on the table or hang on the wall to brighter your room with incredible light.

Artsy Agate Windows

Come to vintage style with stained glass window. Though this house already decorated into a traditional style, the accents of artsy agate windows give a new touch. Simply, the room looks sophisticated and unique.

DIY Glass Door

Even though this glass door is not the real stained glass, but the concept is the same. Moreover, the door is the imitation of stained glass. When you want to make a stained glass door, it will be more wonderful than this.

Stained Glass Window Frames

Using stained glass for headboard is a new decorating idea. Lead us to see cheerful bedroom atmosphere. Just let it reflect sun light and spread out beauty for entire room as well. This stained glass also looks better for a farmhouse style.

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Stained Glass for Window

Applying a stained glass for window brings your mind to remember church, mosque or other religious places. They usually use stained glass for window and door to welcome the guest. It leads those place to be more friendly.

Cabinet with Stained Glass

Cabinet with stained glass comes with a timeless cabinet design. It looks pretty for any kitchen design. The stained glass covers what inside the cabinet to hide anything on it. So, the kitchen looks tidier and chic.

Wall with Stained Glass

When you choose to apply glass wall for your living room, stained glass will help you to make it more genius. No need wallpaper to add pattern, because the stained glass comes with its own statement. Stained glass with flower pattern looks great for this.

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