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8 Common Bedroom Design Mistakes That You Should Stop

For the sake of beauty, some people tend to forget the value of furniture. They are attracted with…

For the sake of beauty, some people tend to forget the value of furniture.  They are attracted with color, models, materials, or just the pattern and avoid the advantage of using them for bedroom. Some of them do mistakes that actually make trouble someday. Like these following cases;

Too Much Clutter

Too Much Clutter


You don’t need to add extra bench at your bedroom, because it will make clutter everywhere. If you want to add furniture, better to put a basket. It can be used for saving your dirty cloths before bring it to the laundry room.

On the Ground Bed

The bed that is so low or on the ground looks boring. Try to change it or make it higher. With this idea, you can use the under bed for storage. In other side, your bed looks little grander. So, pay attention to choose higher bed for your bedroom.

Too Matchy-Matchy Furniture

Don’t buy a set of bedroom furniture which has the same color, pattern, material, even models for your bedroom. Just be creative to mix and match your furniture to create harmony. It will look fresh and attractive.

Layout That Blocks Natural Light Sources

Let natural light source makes your bedroom look brighter every morning or afternoon. If you block them, you will miss the advantage of morning sunlight which rich of vitamin D or you can not see how beautiful sunset at spring.

The Bed’s Too Big

When you have small bedroom size, make sure to put small bed as well. Too big bed will take all the room and you will never have any space for other furniture. It is a big mistake that will cause too narrow bedroom and make it unbalanced.

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Improper Rug

Put a rug next to the bed is the way to improve your bedroom decoration. However, pay attention to choose proper size which is not too big or small. Don’t ever waste your rug because it is important for your bedroom decoration.

Jarring Wall Color

Bedroom is a place to take rest. So, you need to use soft color to repair your sleep quality and avoid mosquitoes coming. Then, make sure the color will match to your furniture.

Choosing the Wrong Bedside Table

Bedside table help you to put lamp, books, coffee morning, or others. However, you need to pay attention the size of your bedside table. Don’t choose too low or too high bedside table that will make you in trouble someday.

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