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8 Fun Ideas To Decorate Bedroom Wall Easily

Some people love to use headboard, but others will choose to decorate their bedroom wall. Add some …

Some people love to use headboard, but others will choose to decorate their bedroom wall. Add some accents will improve your bedroom wall decoration. However, you can do fun way to decorate your bedroom wall that will dramatically change your bedroom look. Like these ideas;

Hang Some Vintage Posters

Hang Some Vintage Posters


When you don’t want to apply a headboard for your bedroom, hang some vintage posters. Make sure that your bedroom has neutral color paint, so it will give you a nice result. This idea is simple but you need to find out vintage posters.

Give Some Antlers

Change your bedroom wall tone with antlers may bring it into hipster or even glam look. It just how the way you style it. However, you need to be more creative to mix and match with other furniture for more eye-catching decoration.

Hang Some Mirrors

Pattern wallpaper of your bedroom well may look flashy, but you need to make it simpler. Just hang some mirrors to avoid fussy. They bring new value towards your bedroom wall.

Minimalist Vibes

When you have nothing idea to give something for your bedroom wall, take a blackboard. Just write down or draw something to create pattern with chalk. Then, it gives your bedroom wall a new artistic side.

DIY A Wooden Wall

Dress up your bedroom wall with wood is nice. Usually wood used for creating DIY headboard. However, DIY wooden wall looks more attractive and look fresh. Even, it doesn’t cost much for this awesome result.

Bedroom Wall with Mural

This artistic design gives you more than a bedroom wall but wall of arts. However, if you don’t have any skill to make this mural, let someone does it for you. Then, you will have amazing wall bedroom design.

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Cozy Wall Hanging

This simple bedroom wall decoration idea can be applied for any bedroom style. Knit wall hanging looks simple and soft for bedroom wall that look so chic. It gives you a touch of Bohemian atmosphere that is unique.

Prop Up A Ladder

For a rustic accent, hanging a ladder on the wall is a simple idea that can be applied by any one. Here, this ladder can be used for putting some scarves or towels. Further, it gives aesthetic value as wall accent that is cheap but attractive.

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