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8 Green Room Inspirations That You Can Copy Right Now

Green is known as the color of nature. It reminds us the beauty of jungle. Applying green for room …

Green is known as the color of nature. It reminds us the beauty of jungle. Applying green for room make us feel quite and calm. With this color the room looks fresh and chic. Most people love green more than other colors. If you want to use green to paint your room, see these following inspirations;

Tiny Bathroom with Green

Tiny Bathroom With Green


Green also can improve your tiny bathroom look. Play with stripped green and white for wall color and see the result. Feel free to add natural green plants or not. However, this design already seems wonderful and green color make it perfect.

Green Modern Accents

Green leaves wallpaper dramatically changes this room condition to be more natural and fresh. Modern accent can be seen from the table shape that looks chic with black and white printed frame. Over all, this modern room design with green is awesome.

Golden-Toned Forest Green

This Bohemian bedroom design also looks perfect with green pattern wall. No more words to say except this a brilliant bedroom decoration for those who love natural beauty. Just add green plants on the side table.

Tropical Paradise

Tropical room reminds us the beauty of nature. Warm wood and potted plants keep the room look warmer. Then green perfectly comes to show Caribbean oasis atmosphere that will make your mood get better.

Modern Green Kitchen

Here, you can see that green can work very well for kitchen. Moreover, this color makes the kitchen looks fresh and chic to combine with white. Overall, this kitchen is adorable. Now, you are pleased to add accents to make it more attractive.

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Rustic Green Bedroom

Mountain home deals with rustic and natural room decoration. Then, green is one of colors that make the design perfectly done. With wood as the basic material, this bedroom looks like a cottage with simple but attractive design.

Layer Your Greens

Green shades give more than you wish for this kitchen and dining area decoration. Moreover, the green tile backsplash adds a touch of beauty. Give more green plants to show natural tone inside your kitchen.

Use Contrasting Shades

Apply green color for dining room may be looked as the best decision for this house style. The owner of this house adds contrasting shades to improve this room decoration. This breakfast is eventually adorable and fresh.

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