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8 Adorable Kid’s Bathroom Designs That May Inspire You

To design kid’s room, we have to use more color. Colorful room is good for kid’s growth. So, kid’s …

To design kid’s room, we have to use more color. Colorful room is good for kid’s growth. So, kid’s bathroom also plays with more color. Usually kids love bright color such as green, yellow, red, pink, and others. It shows that kids are dynamic, happy, and lucky. Mix and match the tile, decals, and furniture to look fun. Try these kid’s bathroom designs;

A Land Of Magic And Adventure

A Land Of Magic And Adventure


White and pastel basic color at this bathroom looks calm for kids. Moreover, the decals ask them to have magic bathing time with more adventure. It seems like they are visiting magic land to get more experience.

Hello Kitty Bathroom

Cute hello kitty will accompany your little girl anytime she takes a bath. Pink and white are great color combination for girl bathroom design. Then, you may see some cute furniture at this bathroom that looks adorable.

Bathroom Yellow Green

Go ahead with yellow and green for your kid’s bathroom will boost their mood. Those colors make the bathroom look funky. No matter whether for boys or girls bathroom, yellow and green will appear awesome, even with little lighting as well.

With Colorful Flowers

Colorful flowers will fresh your kids mind. Your little girl will love this design very much. Choose white basic color to make it blend with all flowers. Then, the lampshade is there to beautify this bathroom decoration.

Home Country Bathroom For Kids

We come to a modern bathroom design for kids. This bathroom applies wall tiles of different colors that look cheerful and attractive. You don’t have to apply many lamps, because this room already looked bright.

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With Hot Air Balloons

This spectacular bathroom is design for kids. Take a look at hot air balloons decals on the wall that makes this room appear childish. Then the color application of white and pink that fit to little girl bathroom decoration.

Love Shape Mirror

With green, yellow, and white color, this bathroom looked fun and chic. Furthermore, let’s see how the owner of this house chooses to apply love shape mirror to upgrade the decor. Overall, this is cute bathroom that will make kids feel cozy.

Under The Sea Theme

Under The Sea Theme


Imagine that your kids take a bath at this wonderful bathroom design. They will feel like under the sea world. You may apply this kid’s bathroom decoration for boys or girls. However, make sure that you give optimal lighting to make this room brighter.


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