15 Pretty Curtain Doors for Your Home Additional Beauty

Adding the curtain to your door is quite important. Not only for the function but also to beautify your decoration. In this case, if you have a glass door, then installing the curtain for the door is a must. To make your curtain has multiple functions, then you should consider choosing a pretty curtain design. For example, you can choose the one that matches your home decoration style. If you have a modern home decoration style, choose the beige color curtain. If you have a Boho home decoration style, choose the patterned and colored curtain for a Boho fun impression. Anyway, the door curtain is not only for your front door but also for your bathroom door, living room door, bedroom, or even your cupboard door. You can check on the following ideas so that you know how to apply the curtain for your door.

Patterned Curtain Door for Farmhouse Vibes

The extra style of entryway decor with a set of curtains that frame the front door is an idea that you must try. Linen fabric is perfect for covering the door quite well. The setting still lets in light and air but not too much. When it gets cold outside, this door curtain adds an extra layer of warmth and helps keep the space functioning all year round. Choose and use curtains with simple patterns so that they are suitable for use in a farmhouse or modern style room. Patterned Curtain Door from louisebooyensinteriors

Summer Style Curtain Door Design

One way that you can do to welcome summer this year is to coat the front door with a ruffled curtain that has the right color and pattern. The choice of yellow is very appropriate so that it makes the room feel brighter and looks festive. In addition, this curtain door design can also be used as the focal point of the room because the wall paint in this room seems neutral and supports the existence of the summer vibe curtains that you use. Just open these curtains during the day to let more air and sunlight into the room. Summer Vibes Curtain Door from foruminteriordesign

Tropical Pattern Curtain Door Design

When you have a front door design with two different materials, then consider a curtain layer that has a beautiful pattern. This front door design is made of transparent glass with wood that is repainted in a calm pastel green color. With this curtain door, your home decor will seem more private. Just choose and use a curtain with a tropical pattern to make this room decoration more fun and look more festive, it’s not enough to stop here, you can also combine it with wallpaper that has the same color and pattern. Tropical Pattern Curtain Door Design from roomswithaview

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Ruffled Fabric Curtain Door

Do you have a front door with transparent glass? If so, then you can layer it with a ruffle curtain that has a nude color like light brown to make it seem more private and secure. Repaint the wooden part of this door with a plain white color for a more neutral look and easy to combine with other interiors around it. This front door design has two different sides and can be opened all when needed, the gold handle is the perfect combination. You can try it right now. Ruffled Fabric Curtain Door from honeybeehandmade_

Hand Painted Bamboo Curtain Door Design

Bamboo door curtain designs are a popular and eco-friendly choice for creating beautiful room decorations. Now you can do painting and repainting with beautiful patterns that you like. Butterfly painting is a great choice that you can choose to display several different color combinations. In addition, this bamboo curtain pattern also creates an instant summer feel and is suitable for decorating any style of room, including modern or traditional. Hand Painted Butterfly Curtain Door from beadsofparadisenyc

Neutral Color Curtain Door Ideas

This door curtain design with a splash of beige gives the room a warmer, neutral feel and certainly looks simple. Because this door curtain has a color that matches the entryway room, its existence can blend in more perfectly. Make this room the first welcome place for guests who come to your home, the use of stained glass doors will also enter more sunlight into the room so that it minimizes humidity and makes the room twice as bright during the day. Beige Color Curtain Door Ideas from greenandmustard

Flowy Curtain Door Design

Cover the wooden front door that you have with a curtain for a different look and of course with the right color and material selection. The flowy curtain design is the best choice that you can apply right now. You can apply a splash of earth tone color for a touch of a warmer room. We recommend that you repaint the front door with a bright color such as blue to make it look more shiny and not look shabby. Furthermore, several flower arrangements in bloom that are placed on the console table are an initial welcome for your guests and are suitable for the summer theme. Flowy Curtain Front Door Design from cotedefolk

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Bohemian Macrame Door Curtain

Do you want to bring a bohemian theme instantly in your home? If so, then the use of macrame door curtains is a very appropriate room interior idea. This macrame door curtain connects two different rooms between the kitchen and the living room. Just get this curtain design easily online and of course at a very affordable price. Complete the existence of this curtain with some greenery that can be placed freely around it. Just get these kinds of greenery in your backyard garden without having to buy them. Bohemian Macrame Door Curtain from champagne_van_reno

Printed Velvet Door Curtain

If you want to represent the style of the room through the use of curtains, then a printed door curtain design is a smart choice that you can try. This gives you the freedom to use any pattern you want. The modern feel is a design that never goes out of style and will certainly add style and color to the room instantly. It’s not enough to get here, you also need to pay attention to the use of this curtain material, when the outdoor weather is very cold, the velvet material with a thicker surface is one of the personal references that you can try. Printed Velvet Door Curtain with Nude Color from emmadollybird

Embroidery Lace Door Curtain

The entrance is one of the important roles in welcoming and creating a first impression on your guests who come to the house. Choose and use the front door with a bold color like dark blue, also add an embroidered lace curtain that has a white color. White is the right color choice that makes it easy for you to combine it with the entrance with any color. The existence of this embroidered lace curtain gives an instant vintage impression, one of the advantages you can get is that it is easy to wash again when it starts to get dirty. Embroidery Lace Door Curtain Design from oniearthkindfabrics

Vintage Beaded Door Curtain

In this neutral living room decor, you can use a layer of door curtains to maintain the privacy or it can also be used as a tool to hide clutter from the room next to it. This white beaded curtain has a simple painting with a round pattern arranged vertically in three equal sizes. The existence of this door curtain darkens the room to chat at night with a bright mood. In addition, the feel of the vintage style can also be obtained easily through the use of this door curtain. Vintage Beaded Door Curtain from bridgeovertroubledwater

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Privacy Curtain Door Design

Door curtain designs are great for hiding the clutter in your home. In this case, a single cloth curtain disguises a messy kitchen from your guests coming to the house. Consider using a simple curtain design but with a beautiful pattern that looks more stylish and can add a splash of different colors that can make the room feel more attractive. A geometric pattern with gray color is one of the best choices, now you can tie it using a stylish hemp rope when the kitchen room is well organized. Privacy Curtain Door Design from themakeandmend

Arched Curtain Door Design

Complete the door in your house with a layer of curtains that have a bright color like yellow. Adjust the design and cut of this curtain with the shape of the door that is used. The arched form is a unique choice that you can try right now. Because this room is dominated by white shades, the yellow curtain can be used as a bold impression in a room that doesn’t get boring easily. This curtain ruffle design is also the right choice and is suitable for application in a Scandinavian or modern style dining room. Yellow Arched Curtain Door Design from katy_casey

Shabby Chic Door Curtain

A simple look that you can do for home decoration is to coat the door with a white curtain that looks shabby chic. This curtain can be obtained easily and of course at a very affordable price. The arched door also emphasizes the vintage style that never goes out of style. This curtain with a fairly thin material will make it easier for you to wash it again when the outer surface starts to get dusty and looks quite dirty. White Shabby Chic Door Curtain from ritac.171

Color Block Door Curtain Design

Look at the color block of the door curtain that you use. This curtain has two different color combinations, black and white to be a color combination that can work well. Its existence can be used as the focal point of the room because the walls here are dominated by plain white which seems neutral. Perfect the use of this cotton curtain with a green plant pot that has a size large enough, cotton material is also highly recommended because it is easier to wash regularly every week or month. Color Block Door Curtain Design from mira_designstudio

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