25 Different Kinds of Curtain You Can Apply to Your Home

When talking about curtains it seems like something simple but can give such a big impact on the beauty of your house. The curtain comes in many different types, patterns, and impressions that will be surely able to give additional beauty to your home decoration. Another fact about the curtain is that each kind of curtain can give a certain decoration style impression. For example, the ruffled curtain can be used if you want to have a Boho decoration. Of course, there are still other ideas that you can apply with many different impression styles that you can follow. Please go down and them out!

Velvet Fabric Curtain

Choose a fabric that is easy to care for, velvet material is a suitable material for curtains in your home, besides that, you will also get maximum room warmth. Furthermore, to beautify the room in your home, an easy thing you can try is to use a curtain. Use curtains with floral motifs to make your home decor look more cheerful. A floral pattern with a very close splash of red will fill the empty space on the curtain. Bold Velvet Fabric Curtain from kresian_arts

Simple Door Curtain

To make your home look different from the others, try covering the glass door with a curtain. Curtains that use rails will make it easier for you to open or close them. Use curtains as high as the door to make it look simple and still beautiful. Install this big striped pattern curtain right behind the door so that your privacy will be more awake. You can try it easily and cheaply. Simple Door Curtain Design from simshilditch

Yellow Color Curtain Bedroom

To display a bright and open room decoration, you can use the right interior decoration. For example, you can combine yellow curtains with walls that have white color and furniture that is dominated by wood. This curtain itself has a material that is thick enough that it needs to be opened during the day so that sunlight can enter the room freely and maximally. These beautifully bloomed flowers make the perfect decoration addition. Yellow Color Curtain Bedroom from visagehomestyle

Sheer Curtain with Light Pink Color

One of the advantages that you can get from using a sheer curtain is that it is easier to wash when it starts to get dusty. You can also use this curtain with a light pink color selection so that it has color harmony with the cabinet that is used. Currently, you can apply this curtain in a kitchen room so that the wooden furniture that is used is not easily porous when used for a long period of time. Let the sunlight into the room freely. Sheer Curtain Design with Pink Color from mehr.von.mia

Tropical Vibes Pattern

Present a refreshing atmosphere in your bedroom by using tropical shades. You will find it easier and cheaper to get a tropical atmosphere by covering the walls with wallpaper. In order to maximize the tropical look, also use tropical patterned curtains to be installed on transparent glass windows. Install curtains as high as the ceiling to make the room feel more open, bright, and protected from humidity that will make you feel uncomfortable. Tropical Vibes Pattern Curtain from _georgian_home

High Ceiling Curtain Design

If you want a minimalist living room decor but still look luxurious, you should try using ceiling-high curtains with two layers of curtains that have different thicknesses. These different thicknesses of curtains aim to allow you to adjust how much light enters the room. Use curtains with colors that are not too flashy to match the other room décor. This layered curtain has an elegant design that can be applied in any room. High Ceiling Curtain in the Living Room from exploringinteriors

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Long Curtain Design

If you have a house design with glass walls, you should cover it with long curtains to maintain privacy. In addition, installing curtains on glass walls will minimize excessive light entering your home. Try to use curtains in neutral colors so you don’t get too much of a look. Choosing the right color is light gray so that it can be combined more easily with the use of interiors that can be placed around it. Long Sheer Curtain Design from uzuolaidele

Curtain and Chair Pattern Alignment

You can align the curtain pattern with the chairs in a room for an elegant look and is also suitable for application in a modern style room. In addition to the pattern, you can also use the same color to create a matching appearance so that the room will not look boring. Use long curtains as high as the ceiling, this is done so that a luxurious look is automatically created. Just try this decoration in your bedroom. Curtain and Chair Pattern Alignment from seansymington

Flouncy Ruffled Curtain

To give a different look to your room, try the flouncy ruffled curtain which is dominated by a combination of white and green. With this, the room will have a texture that is so beautiful. Usually, this curtain design is used in a classic and vintage style room. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also perfect it by using floral wallpaper which has a small flower pattern that can be combined with tropical wall decorations. Flouncy Ruffled Curtain Design from blythcollinsoninteriors

Curtain Design with Tassel Accent

In addition to having two different color combinations, this curtain design is also perfected with tassel accents that can be applied right on the side of this curtain. The green color with beige that dominates the color of this curtain looks very bold. You can use a rods curtain with a gold color selection so that it looks shiny when exposed to reflected sunlight or light. You can try this beautiful and elegant pattern right now. Curtain Design with Tassel Accent from samuelandsons

Sunshine Yellow Curtains

Curtain colors that are suitable for use in a summer-themed room are those that have a bright yellow color and a slight beige pattern. Both can be combined in one curtain design properly and perfectly. Pinch pleat drapes are suitable for use in an elegant or modern style room. Furthermore, the use of repainted walls with plain white color makes the curtain design look bolder. Sunshine Yellow Curtains Design from bents.green.designs

Flowy Curtain Design

If you want a flowy curtain design in this room, then just use a thinner material. In addition, also consider the use of colors from these curtains, for example, you can use green curtains to have a bold enough color in a room that is dominated by white shades. This curtain design has an L-shaped position that can be pulled out easily when it is opened during the day. Another advantage that can be obtained is that it is easy to wash again when it starts to get dusty. Flowy Curtain Design from creationbaumann

Sheer Summer Curtain

Curtains with a sheer and semi-transparent material provide the most sunlight in a room when the curtains are closed. With the use of sheer curtains, you will benefit from added privacy and additional features. Just wash it regularly to avoid dust, because it is very easy to wash and easy to dry too. Just use white to make it easier for you when combining it with other interiors that are around it. Sheer Summer Curtain Design from philipp__hofstetter

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Farmhouse Look Curtain Design

You can try a curtain design with a farmhouse style in one of the rooms in your house. Now you can apply it to the dining room decoration in the corner of the room. The simple pattern has a mix of red and white that blends perfectly. These two curtains can be pulled to the right or left according to your wishes. Just perfect the existence of this farmhouse curtain with a series of green plants that can be applied to a plant stand that has a fairly good height. Farmhouse Look Curtain Design from overdale_house

Double Panel Curtains

Look at this double panel curtain consisting of two separate panels. This type of curtain is usually used in a classic and vintage style room. Currently, you can choose curtain fabric with a striped pattern which is perfected with small pom-poms on the side of this window. Just choose and use curtains with a combination of white and red so that they can be made as the focal point of the room that can minimize sunlight entering the room. Double Striped Panel Curtains from ian_mankin

Single Panel Curtain

One of the advantages that you can get from using this single panel curtain is that it can be pulled to both sides to be opened and can also be tied back to create a modern look. In addition, another function of the use of this high curtain is to make the room feel more spacious and open. You can open it during the day so that your dining room decoration looks brighter and makes the room feel less humid, you can try it now. High Single Panel Curtain from ian_mankin

Linen Curtain for Living Room Design

If the weather in your house feels colder, then you can use linen curtains to coat the glass windows in your living room. In addition to having a fairly thick material, this linen curtain also has a heavier material but still maintains a relaxed impression. The next advantage that you can get from using this curtain is that it has a rough texture that can become a magnet for dust so it doesn’t enter the room directly. You can try it right now. Linen Curtain Design from avt.ru

Roman Blinds Curtain Design

Another option that you can use from the curtain design is the use of roman blinds which will coat the window as much as possible. Currently, you can choose it with a striped pattern which is dominated by a combination of blue and white. This curtain will be easier to open when needed, you can simply pull it upwards. And when you are about to close it just drag it to the bottom. Striped Roman Blinds Curtain Design from ian_mankin

Use Double Vibrant Color and Pattern

Besides being able to be used to coat the glass window, your vibrant color patterned curtain can also be used as the focal point of the room as well as a beautiful room decoration. Just apply the use of this curtain in decorating the beach-style dining room which is dominated by the use of blue and white. Open this double window during the day so that sunlight can enter the room to the maximum, try using this curtain now. Vibrant Color and Pattern Curtain from blythcollinsoninteriors

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Vintage Style Curtain Design

You can adjust the use of the curtain according to the home decor that is used. For example, when you use a mid-century vintage-style home decor, then use a curtain with a choice of colors and styles that match. Usually, this vintage style uses a touch of earth tone color such as brown and can be perfected with the use of tassels that have a fairly large size. Just perfect this curtain design with the use of classic wallpaper that has the same color as the curtain used. Vintage Style Curtain Design from athomewithalidad

Window Treatment Ideas

Besides being able to minimize excessive sunlight entering the room, the unique-looking curtain design can also be used as an instant window treatment. Just choose and use a curtain design with white color. The white color itself makes it easy for you to combine it with other interiors that are around it. Also, use curtains made of cotton so that they are not easily torn when used for a long period of time. Window Treatment Ideas from athomewithalidad

Small Floral Pattern Curtain

If you are bored with a plain curtain design, then you can use a beautiful patterned curtain that you can try right now. For example, you can use a curtain with a small flower pattern on a white background so that the pattern used can look clearer and bolder. Usually, this curtain is used in vintage or classic-style rooms. It’s not enough to get here, you can also use other furniture in the same color as white. Small Floral Pattern Curtain from athomewithalidad

Curtain Design with Pom-Pom Accent

So that your curtain design doesn’t look too plain, then you can add a pom-pom accent on the side of this curtain. The colors of these pom-poms are also very diverse ranging from yellow and red. That way you will have a room that is not too monotonous. To add color, just use brightly colored furniture such as yellow chairs and throw pillows that have a beautiful bohemian pattern and look classic. Curtain Design with Pom-Pom Accent from chidaneh

Printed Pattern Curtain Design

Look at the design of this curtain, isn’t it very fun? Yes, you can use curtains with two different patterns. When you tie this curtain during the day, what you see is a flower pattern that blooms beautifully. Also, use a curtain with a material that is thick enough so that it is not easily torn when used for a long period of time. Also, combine layered curtains with thinner materials so that your privacy can be maintained. Printed Pattern Curtain Design from asta.fabric

Pattern and Color Alignment

Another curtain design option that you can try is those that have colors and patterns that match the current use of the room’s wallpaper. The pattern used has a splash of bold color like dark blue so that it makes the room more colorful. The harmony of the curtain with this wallpaper is ready to be used as a focal point of the eye in a room. The classic pattern makes the room more stylish and will never go out of style. Pattern and Color Alignment Curtain from daisywhiteheaddesigns


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