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8 Side Table Ideas that Look Awesome Even for Small Room

Do you stay at an apartment? Or you only have small room? Don’t worry, you can still put side table…

Do you stay at an apartment? Or you only have small room? Don’t worry, you can still put side table to upgrade your room decoration. Pay attention to choose the small side table to put your alarm clock, boos, or phone while it charges. See following side table ideas for small room!

Mateo Nightstand

Mateo Nightstand


Stress wood looks awesome as side table material. Your room will look rustic with bottom shelf and a drawer for extra storage to save your things. This is totally adorable for small room decoration, isn’t it?

Marte Nightstand

With Bohemian style, this nightstand keep your bedroom looks stylish and fresh. Rattan-front drawer helps you to save your tiny things. While for the books, you can put in on the table with simple flower vase.

Mango Wood Nightstand

For your small bedroom, mango wood nightstand looks best. The size is only about a foot wide, so it will not take more space. Furthermore, the storage under it makes you easy to save your magazines, books, or other essentials.

Gemini Nightstand

This nightstand table is only 18 inches but looks so elegant. The white color paint makes it look bigger. Gemini Nightstand can be put at your bedroom or other room as needed. With simple shape and nice model, you will love it so much.

Knoxville Tray Table

When you don’t need storage but want to keep your coffee morning or just a book, this table may be fit to your necessary. With simple design but modern, this tray table will give you a new decoration without more space.

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Mitzi Petrol Nightstand

If you adore a table with pop color with storage inside, this Mitzi Petrol nightstand can be one of the options. With diameter only 15.75, you don’t need more space anymore. Put it on the nook or just beside your bed.

Leah Nightstand

Living in an apartment with only small space, you need side table that look neutral. Two drawers keep your books, or other things. Feel free to add vase to make the nightstand looks more adorable.

Sling Side Table

With unique design, it will add a personal space for your bedroom. Give fresh plants on it and the room look versatile. It can be beside bed, sofa, or just on the nook.

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