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8 Cool Ideas How To Add Pattern For Tiny House Rooms

Tiny house doesn’t mean look narrow or crowded. Some people who have tiny house already spend time …

Tiny house doesn’t mean look narrow or crowded. Some people who have tiny house already spend time to gain creativity for making it looks larger. Furthermore, you don’t have to just play with white paint to make tiny house larger. You can use pink, pitch, orange, or more. Then, you can apply pattern as well.

A-Frame Cabin

A Frame Cabin


A-frame cabin has space that wider at bottom. You can use it for bedroom with big bed. To make this room prettier, add pattern on the wall with calm color like pitch, pink, or cream. It will make the room larger but not too busy.

Cozy Teeny Tiny Studio

Play with pattern at this room with daybed situation. Look at the coasters, artwork, and side tablecloth that also with pattern and they don’t make the room look too busy. So, don’t be worry to add pattern even for tiny room decoration.

With Tiny Dweller

Neutral mix becomes the option that chosen by the owner of this tiny house to decorate the room. With the help of wardrobe, this bedroom looks more eye-catching. So, it doesn’t matter whether you have closet or not.

Big Custom Cabinet

Big custom cabinet help tiny house with amazing way. This cabinet can be used for saving bed at day. The rest, this room can be used for other purposes. You can use to do your projects at this room.

Antique Modern for Tiny House

The owner of this house applies taupes, tans, and oranges color for this room. Then, take a look at the pattern on pillows, diamond dhurrie, chairs upholstered with a dhurrie-like fabric,  and rugs that make this room has various patterns.

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Color Saturation and Pattern

You can see an eye-grabbing striped serape-style blanket on the sofa at this room with eclectic color scheme. Then, a table with some candles also acts as accents. However, this room looks awesome and chic.

Copy From Paris Apartment Design

Take a look at bed sofa with singular pattern that consist of different colors. Moreover, see at the chair with various colors as well that make the room look cheerful. In addition, you are pleased to paint the wall with colorful paint as well.

Bedroom With Wallpaper

White and black wallpaper nature picture at one side of this bedroom wall will not make the room looks too busy. The owner of this house apply striped bedroom to add various pattern  This bedroom actually design to look classic.

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