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8 Sophisticated Entryway Design Ideas to Look Best

Entryway is a space where you can welcome your guest. There must be with simple design but function…

Entryway is a space where you can welcome your guest. There must be with simple design but functional as well. You will see bench, chair, side table, or other similar furniture to save shoes, books, hats, or bags. However, this entryway should be looked attractive at the first impression.

With Simple Low-Lying Bench

With Simple Low Laying Bench


Entryway can be more functional with simple low-lying bench. Furthermore, you can hang some graphic accents to make this entryway look artistic. By great color combination, this entryway appears tidy and simple but comfortable.

Compact Entryway

With compact entryway, you can have additional storage to keep your shoes, bags, hats, or other stuffs. Furthermore, it doesn’t look too busy. Then, you will easy to find what you need before going out from home.

Double Slender Bench

Here is a bench to keep your shoes, books, or others. The idea of using bench as storage will help the room to look tidy. Moreover, you can add basket to hide tiny things. So, you don’t need to create more space to keep your goods.

Fun Geometric Pattern

How about this entryway design? A fun geometric pattern that will make your guest smile whenever they come. There are two beautiful chairs to have your guest sit awhile. Further, this unique entryway keeps your house looked awesome.

Entryway with Art

You will never be bored at this entryway by looking artistic painting on the wall. The side table helps your guest to put their hats or books. While, your guest can enjoy this area before enter to the living room.

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Colorful Entryway

Paint the door with yellow color is the best decision to make your entryway look cheerful. See other furniture that are in many bright colors such as pink and blue that look eye-catching to the home concept that you choose. This is a great colorful space.

Pink Color For Entryway

Who says that pink is too feminine? This entryway gives you proof that pink is casual and calm for room design. With this color, the room looks so sweet. A chair on the nook adds a touch of warm sensation.

With Various Frame

This entryway is not only provided by bench with some books but also some frames. Graphic, photographs, art, picture, even a mirror hangs on the wall to fill up the space that actually adds artistic value as well.

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