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10 Small Kitchen Hacks That You Need To Copy Right Now

When you have no longer space for cabinet to be installed at your kitchen, you need more hacks. Cre…

When you have no longer space for cabinet to be installed at your kitchen, you need more hacks. Creating DIY storage or just eliminating bulky hardware will make the kitchen looks larger. However, you still have the chance to add simple rug, flowers, or simple wallpaper. See these following hacks for small kitchen as follow;

Reclaimed Wood Shelving

Reclaimed Wood Shelving


Kitchen storage is important to keep anything you need for cooking. However, small kitchen doesn’t have enough space to install cabinet. So, you can make DIY reclaimed wood shelving over.

Apply Dark Backsplash

Choosing white color for small kitchen is great decision. However, you still can apply dark color as well. Especially for backsplash and countertop that will make kitchen looks modern.

Eliminate the Hardware

Ditch the hardware will make your kitchen looks larger.  You can save some hardware on your cabinetry and drawers. That will bring your kitchen appear tidier and clean.

Create Your Own Storage Nook

Rather than adding a cabinet to your small kitchen that will make it too busy, it will be better for you to create your own storage. No more budgets needed. You should have to prepare palette wood and arrange them into some shelves.

DIY a Pantry

When a kitchen has pantry, it save more than just plates. Furthermore, you are free to add snacks, meals, bottles, or other foods at this simple pantry. Then, your tiny kitchen looks tidy and clean.

Warm It Up With A Rug

If you don’t have any idea to upgrade your small kitchen, put a rug on the floor. Choose any colors and pattern as you like. However, make sure that it will not be overwhelm.

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Create Ultra-Modern Kitchen

Apply minimal decor. You have to ditch some kitchen utensils by saving them on your drawer. Let the sink be clean and choose industrial lighting to keep it sophisticated. No need more accessories.

Keep Stools Low

Avoid applying bulky or bold chair for your dining table. Let the stools lower than the table. Low seating keeps the room clean without any accessories or additional furniture.

Make It Flawless

Add wallpaper at the empty space of kitchen wall. Then, you are free to add green plants or flower to make this area sweater.

Functional Kitchen Island

Make sure you install Kitchen Island with towel racks, cabinets, or a storage rack underneath. So, it has more function beside for cooking, but storage.

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